Science – A Boon in the Society

Mankind cannot live without the aid of science in the present epoch of science and technology. It engulfs our lives so much that nothing can take place in our daily work without the help of science. Its eminence in the field of medicine and surgery, transportation and communication, industry, commerce, agriculture and education is widely visible.

Since the past, science has had a remarkable evolution which constantly contributes to the thriving of humankind. For example, the development from Taxila to smart TVs , Letters to emails , gramophone to radio and further to CDs , tanga to rickshaws and autos , books to eBooks , arc lamps to LEDs. Also, handloom industry to textile Industries , hot air balloons to aeroplanes, improvement of techniques with the shift from subsistence to intensive agricultural production and what not !

Science is turning out to be beneficial for the world. The distances of the earth are reduced by the instruments of science at the three levels of water, land and sky. The aircrafts fly at atmospheric speed , skyscrapers are erecting even on the sea , roads pass through long tunnels, eskimos are now able to live in heated rooms. People are discovering wonders in the field of space and are making successful achievements.

Scientists are able to develop medicines to help , cure or curb disease causes in living things thus ensuring their well-being and sustenance. With increasing advancements in weather monitoring we can predict when conditions are favourable for the occurrence of a natural disaster which enables us to warn people to take precautions and move to safe areas thus saving many lives.

Nowadays, we can talk to people on the other side of the world in a matter of seconds by smartphones. Google provides a platform to surf enormous knowledge about different subjects. Thus, making our lives incredibly easier. Also, the credit for creditworthy change in the field of agriculture is the science. Marking it by the progress of bullock carts to tractors running in the fields or the shift from traditional methods of threshing to the machines like combine harvester and windrowers.

Lastly, I would just say that science is indeed a blessing for humanity when we use it rationally. Every single bit around is associated with science, even our very existence on the earth. Science is accomplishing multifarious impossible finds with plausible explanations yet there is a lot more to explore.


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