Promising High Salary Courses After 12th Commerce For A Meaningful Career

High Salary Courses After 12th Commerce

Are you looking for high salary courses after 12th commerce? Is a high salary course in commerce your topmost priority? Are you looking for good institutes and career prospects after 12th commerce? Are you a recent grade 12 pass-out in 12th commerce? If so, this article is the perfect one-stop solution for all your queries and doubts regarding high salary courses after 12th commerce. We shall be covering some important aspects of choosing high salary courses after 12th commerce including admission in prestigious institutes, future career prospects and growth rates of popular career choices after 12th commerce and a broad overview of different career pathways in the commerce stream after 12th.

Promising High Salary Courses After 12th Commerce For a Meaningful Career

Importance of High Salary Courses After 12th Commerce

As one completes their schooling in 12th grade in the commerce stream and commences their journey of higher education in colleges/universities, it is important to look for the perfect career opportunity by enrolling in high salary courses. With multiple options available for high salary courses and various institutions offering courses after 12th commerce it might appear a daunting task to be able to choose the perfect course that suits one’s requirements, personal interests and larger career objectives. In order to be able to identify the most appropriate and suitable high salary course after 12th commerce, let us first understand the importance of looking for high salary courses after 12th commerce by considering the given factors:

  • Job Security: By enrolling in high salary courses after 12th commerce and being a graduate of a prestigious institution, one can essentially be assured of being stable in a given job sector, regardless of the increasing competition rates prevailing in the job market for similar jobs/opportunities. By being the most eligible candidate, no organization would want to lose you as an employee.
  • Good Networking Opportunities: By being offered a job position in a reputed firm after graduating from a top-notch graduate school might help you increase your networking opportunities. It might also increase your chances of networking with the best minds in the industry by working in close association with them. One might also get the opportunity to get recognized for their work by closely following the work of popular professionals in the field.
  • Financial Stability: Financial stability is one factor that each individual considers while looking for a high salary course in a stream like commerce. By being considered for a high salary job after graduating from a reputed commerce college might help one earn a desirable amount of income without looking for alternative earning opportunities or funding in order to survive in a highly competitive environment.
  • Good Career Prospects: An education in high salary courses after 12th commerce promise one of multiple career prospects apart from the one for which they pursued higher education. One can potentially look for high salary courses in accounting, finance, marketing, law, human resources, sales as well as economics.
  • Entrepreneurship Skills: By pursuing an education in 12th commerce, one can aim to expand their horizons by learning entrepreneurship skills in business and management and can potentially open up their own business or start-up firms.

Popular Institutes Offering High Salary Courses After 12th Commerce

There are several prestigious institutions that offer high salary courses after 12th commerce in various majors including finance, accounting, marketing, sales, human resources, management, economics, business studies, entrepreneurship, statistics, etc.

Based on a careful evaluation of one’s personal interests, acquired skills and larger career objectives, one can apply for admission to the appropriate institutes.

Here’s a comprehensive list of popular institutes offering high salary courses after 12th commerce:

  1. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
  2. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies
  3. Ahmedabad University
  4. Nirma University
  5. XLRI
  6. Christ University
  7. Symbiosis University
  8. O.P. Jindal Global University
  9. National Law University, Delhi
  10. Delhi University
  11. St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  12. Shri Ram College of Commerce
  13. Amity University
  14. University of Mumbai
  15. Loyola Academy

List of High Salary Courses After 12th Commerce

There are several popular high salary courses after 12th commerce that are offered by different institutions. Course options and career prospects largely differ from institute to institute and major to major but the major point of difference comes between courses involving mathematics and courses not involving mathematics as a main subject. We shall be exploring course options for both kinds of subject combinations, such as those including mathematics and those not including mathematics.

High Salary Courses after 12th Commerce With Mathematics

Courses involving mathematics as a key subject in commerce help students acquire important skills such as financial analysis/advising, data analysis and interpretation, accounting, sales as well as marketing and investment analysis. A thorough understanding and application of mathematics can help one in understanding complex business models and plan for future investment portfolios as well as risk management.

Some high salary courses after 12th commerce with mathematics include:

1. Financial Engineering:

Financial engineering courses generally involve an application and understanding of mathematics and engineering principles to financial markets and instruments. Individuals pursuing the given course possess important skills such as risk analysis and management, optimizing returns and working for investments. Key industries to explore for such courses include banks, mutual fund corporations and other financial institutions.

Course Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Engineering with Mathematics as a core subject, understanding of markets and financial laws.

Average Salary: Rs 5-25 lakhs per annum

2. Data Science:

Data science courses generally include interpretation, analysis and knowledgeable inference making of complex sets of data and quantitative information by implementing knowledge of statistics and computer software. Data scientists collect, interpret, analyze and optimize data sets by using computer programming languages, statistical models and machine learning algorithms. These individuals work closely with tech firms, multinational organizations and other emerging businesses in order to provide business related advice and help in formulating complex decisions.

Course Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or statistics. Professional competence in Python and R, data visualization and computer programming.

Average Salary: Rs 6-20 lakhs per annum

3. Actuarial Sciences:

Courses in Actuarial sciences involve the application of methods of assessing financial risks and uncertainties. It involves a rigorous implementation of mathematical as well as statistical skills in order to evaluate financial risks and downfalls.

Course Requirements: Passing a series of examinations conducted by the Institute of Actuaries of India/Society of Actuaries. Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, or other relevant field.

Average salary: Rs 6-20 lakhs per annum

High Salary Courses After 12th Commerce Without Mathematics

There are several high salary course options that are offered to commerce students without the requirement of mathematics as a core option during schooling/graduation. Commerce students aiming for high salary courses after 12th without mathematics should excel in skills such as marketing management, human resource management, investment banking, analytical skills, business acumen as well as good verbal communication skills accompanied with high confidence.

Some high salary courses after 12th commerce that do not require mathematics include:

1. Law:

Courses in law generally involve inculcating good skills in legal administration, as well as a deep understanding of the legal system as well as government enforcement. Typical law courses involve the application and administration of legal aptitude to prevailing situations and issues around oneself by helping individuals, society, organizations as well as society as a whole.

Course Requirements: Bachelor’s in Law and enrollment in a State Bar Council as well as obtaining a license to practice law in a court. Internship in reputed law firms is a key advantage.

Average salary: Rs 3-40 lakhs per annum

2. Public Relations (PR):

Courses in Public Relations (PR) involve developing skills relevant to communication in the professional sphere by aiming to develop a fruitful and mutually rewarding relationship between organizations and various stakeholders. Public Relations managers generally work towards developing the reputation of a given organization/individual and help in managing major crises.

Course Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations/ Communication/ Marketing/ Journalism

Average salary: Rs 3-20 lakhs per annum

3. Chartered Accountancy:

Courses in Chartered Accountancy involve management of financial records, accounting, conducting of audits, and providing financial advice to organizations as well as individuals. Successful chartered accountancy professionals can open up a broad horizon of opportunities for prospective industries.

Course requirements: Passing in a series of examinations conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountancy of India (ICAI), three years of article-ship at reputed chartered accountancy firms, Bachelor’s degree in a field of commerce

Average salary: Rs 7-20 lakhs per annum


The options for high salary courses after 12th commerce are quite diverse and interesting in nature. Each course has its own vivid profile that makes it interesting and worthy of pursuit based on different skills acquired by the individual. Pursuing courses such as Law, Chartered Accountancy, and Public Relations promise good recognition in the industry and good opportunities to network and enhance one’s professional development.

It is essential to note that the appropriate career choice is a key to promising high salary jobs along with the acquisition and implementation of relevant skills in the concerned field.


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