Positive And Negative Effects Of Online Classes


Online classes effective or not

Summary-As we all know that due that this pandemic situation online classes playing a crucial role in our education system and if we talk about online classes, you can also know this term as e-learning.

online classes are basically a platform for those people who are not capable of going to their school/college on a daily basis. Online classes are basically an education that takes place over the internet. As I said it is often referred to as e-learning as well. However online classes are just one type of “Distance Learning” this term takes place across distance and not in a traditional way. Online classes have a long history and there are several types available today.

Some of the examples are –

  • Correspondence Courses- Conducted through regular mail with a little interaction
  • Telecourses- where content is delivering via radio or television broadcast
  • CD-ROM courses- where the student interact with computer content
  • Online courses- this means the device such as mobile phone, digital audio, PDAs etc.

After getting all this information the question remains the same, that Online classes is even effective or not?

So here are few points that will justify at some extent that Online class is effective or not-

  • Distance students can easily avail or get Education without any kind of hassle.
  • There is no such age limit for learner or person who wants to get an educated in any phase of their life.
  • Online classes or online learning does not have any geographical barrier.
  • And obviously, it saves us as a learner
  • In most of cases online classes in not that expensive as compared to the traditional one.
  • Online classes do not require any kind of infrastructure to teach students.
  • Students can take help and use resources anytime.

But as we all know that all good things come with some negative points, or you can say come with some disadvantages.

  • There is no relationship of pupil-teacher, student has to learn alone.
  • Concepts cannot be understood without the help of instruction.
  • Slow internet is the biggest demerit of online learning.
  • Only limited content is given on the internet
  • Everyone is not capable to run internet service.
  • Rural people/Students cannot be able to access computers.

So according to me, online learning is more effective because it is accompanied by various teaching aids. So yes now days especially in this pandemic situation online classes or online education plays the most important role for every new as well existing learner or student. So nowadays online study or learning turns out to be more and more practiced and many universities started to share their courses online for free as well that’s why in many cases it is far cheaper than the traditional ones. So due to all these reasons, I think in many cases or at some extent online classes are more effective.

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