Plants That Attract An Abundance Of Wealth And Luck To Your House

Plants that attract an abundance of wealth and luck to your house

Indoor plants as we know have low maintenance. They don’t require much supervision like big trees and plants. If you want to create a positive aura around you, you can also keep indoor plants in your house as well as in your office. It attracts health, wealth and prosperity. Plants are the supreme source of oxygen. Nowadays, getting clean air to breathe is very difficult. But if you keep these plants at your home, you are inhaling fresh oxygen without any kind of contamination in it. These plants can easily grow in small pots or containers. If you don’t have a small pot, search your home for small containers, glass jars or mugs that can also be a good option. While keeping them, make sure they get proper air to breathe and their soil should also be of good quality. Different plants have different properties and people keep them accordingly. Certain plants should be kept in house as they are believed to be advantageous and beneficial. Some plants also have medicinal properties. Below is a list of a few plants that one should keep and grow in their house.

1. Money Plant:

As the name suggests, yes, this plant is for money. If you are facing any financial problems or losses in business, then keep this plant in your house. This plant has big leaves and their shape is of a heart. Now, there are two ways in which you can keep it. The first option is to grow it in soil and give water after every three days as they require a very small amount of water. The second option is to keep them in a glass container half filled with water. This option is best for people who want to keep it in their living room as it looks great from the decorative perspective as well. You don’t need any soil. All you need is a small jar container with good height. Put two to three stems or a bunch in it. Make sure the water is clean. Keep changing the water after every week. You can also add some pebbles and colourful stones in a glass jar to make it more stunning. You can colour the jar using fabric colours.

2. Tulsi Plant:

This plant usually grows in low light. Don’t give it too much light or sunlight else the leaves will get dry. It’s better to keep it near the kitchen area or the window and if possible, keeping it in the kitchen near the window will be best. Protect this plant from insects because it easily gets affected by insects and pests. Everyone knows about the medicinal properties of this herb. Take 2 to 3 leaves of tulsi and gulp it with water to boost your immunity. While making tea or milk, simply grab and pluck the leaves and add them to your recipe to make it more healthy. You will find this plant in almost every household as it is not only a plant but also a very effective herb especially in cold and cough in winter season.

3. Lily Plant:

This plant has leaves as well as flowers. The flowers of this plant come in three colours namely light pink, white and yellow. You will find yellow lily plants rarely. People usually opt for the white lily plant as the white colour signifies peace and it goes well with almost every background. It has dark green leaves and they are shiny in its texture. It grows in moderate light conditions. Sprinkle a little amount of water every day. The flowers are small and delicate. Along with adding beauty to your room, it also helps in purifying the air. You can keep it in your office or just at the entrance of your office. They look very beautiful. Try getting more than one colour.

4. Bamboo Plant:

This plant doesn’t require soil because they grow in water all alone. Get hold of bamboo sticks and arranged them in the stack. Place it in a glass container of wide breadth and keep it in the centre of the table. See for yourself how this small plant will bring abundance and prosperity along with beauty to your house. To make it more adorable and fascinating, add pebbles of multiple colours or little glitter in the water. If you are finding it difficult to get bamboo sticks, you can also buy them from the market with or without a glass container. The bamboo sticks usually vary from light yellow to green in colour. Don’t forget to change the water after every fifteen days.

5. Aloe vera Plant:

This plant is generally wide and long. It absorbs all the negative energies. It tends to replace negativity with positivity. It does not require water every day. It grows very easily. Aloe vera is considered very good for the skin and gut. One can also extract fresh gel from it or you can also apply the gel directly from the leaf to your skin. For good gut health, take half aloe vera gel and little water. Mix it in a mixer and fresh homemade aloe vera juice is ready. Drink it empty stomach every morning. It grows in low light conditions and is very easy to maintain it.

6. Snake Plant:

This plant can be grown anywhere under any environmental conditions. The leaves are long and round. The leaves are generally stripped. It can grow up to 3 feet. It protects you from evil eyes. This plant also gives oxygen even at night. It’s your choice whether to keep it in water or soil because it can grow in both situations. If you grow in soil, you have to be a little attentive because the roots get decayed easily in soil. Don’t overwater it as over-watering can lead to drooping leaves.


All these plants are good for the house and can grow easily with little care. They add beauty and are also beneficial for health. Taking good care of them will give you happiness. In many cultures, it is a tradition and ritual to gift small plants to each other. Many plant and nature lovers have begun to grow plants or saplings on their birthdays. This is a very good initiative taken by them for nature.

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