Understanding Physical Abuse of Children: 2 Key Domains

Understanding Child Abuse

Age Disparities in the 21st Century! Do they justify being subjugated to emotional harassment and physical abuse?

Age Disparities in the 21st Century! Do they justify being subjugated to emotional harassment and physical abuse?

Age disparities in the 21st century! Before stepping into the different domains under which individuals whose age is under the teenager group or even younger than them endure various forms of emotional harassments in terms of judgements based on their maturity to understand certain fragile family situations to developing specific skills which are perceived to be conventionally mastered only by middle age adults, physical torture such as being beaten by parents and threats of getting thrown out of the house upon repetition of certain statements they made and emotional blackmails, let us step into the word itself! What is a common-phrase definition of age disparity. What do laypersons perceive age disparity as?

Age disparity is also one of the contributing factors to women enduring domestic violence in their households. The men who are not only elder to them in terms of their age, but are also in most instances, financially independent and the bread earners of the family, since women are forcefully dragged into the domestic realm to fulfill their ‘responsibilities’ and to give birth to children and take care of them. So, these aspects by which they tend to differ from the women in their households, they perceive that these differences are bound to make them inferior to them and they need to survive under that inferiority and the subsequent burdens of being subjected to name-calling, physical and verbal abuses, emotional blackmailing, and threats of being thrown away from the house!

Situations of Physical Abuse endured by Young Children

The concern here is not limited to domestic violence endured by younger women in the household, these tragical events have been experienced on a daily basis by teenagers like you and me. Is it a crime to give some piece of advice to the elder family members about any personal family matter or even something related to the profession of the parent? Or do parents consider their children to be displaying such low understanding and intelligence that they cannot possess thoughts pertaining to their profession and how to improvise their methods of working or even express their judgement about a particular incident which has occurred right in front of their eyes!

The parents need to make an instant choice that either need to consider their children to be both emotionally and physically capable to understand the situation which has been troubling their families and has disturbed them at the personal level as well or not discuss matters which they feel shouldn’t be open to their children’s notice and discuss them instead in their absence in the house or within closed doors at lower volumes. Most of the times the situation is not as simple as it seems upon observation. The parent must be dealing with some sort of stress and performance pressure from their workplace or from the family and would be fighting them alone in their heads without letting any person even realize of that issue. Under such cases, the child isn’t aware of the personal stress the parent is going through and it leads to a product of the parent venting out their frustration on their children.

But, however stressed you may be mentally, it doesn’t justify of you abusing your child verbally and physically. It would be too easy to say that it was just one slap and it wasn’t that hard also! But, your ethics do not pardon you if you hit your child a little less intensely and punish if you hit them hard! Intensity and intention are no reasons of defense which can pardon you upon ruining a young individual’s life! Have you ever wondered how harsh was your gesture towards your child and have you ever repented over it and apologized to them in a heartfelt manner?

What needs to be done to curb physical abuse of children in modern households?

It is high time, the society awakens from their delusional perceptions of residing in an ideal society which is not only valued for its advancements but also looked up to by other societies no possessing those ideals. Had these beliefs and perceptions been even partly correct, the world would not have possessed such an insecure, unsafe and fueled by ignorance kind of environment! It is the right of each woman to work outside the house and earn bread not for depicting herself as the superior one but for promoting equality in the society, by proving to the world that she is well capable of handling workplace expectations physically, mentally and emotionally. The child who is subjugated to all sorts of abuses, harassment and tortures deserves a chance to get justice in the eyes of the law by filing for petitions aiming to make amends in family laws, specify the extent to which a parent can exercise authority over their child excluding capital punishment, verbal abuses, torture, sexual abuse, blackmailing and emotional threats. I, hereby wish to inform my readers through this blog of my intentions of writing to the government to make amends in the child abuse laws prevailing in the country by not only considering sexual abuse bans in it, but also including emotional threats, blackmailing, verbal abuse, capital punishment and name calling in them. Despite of laws banning and preventing sexual abuses by specifying punishments upon performing such acts and considering them criminal offences, families still do not stop at this and continue making their children doubt their worth and existence by putting pressure on them for their academics and career and further by using capital punishment as the ultimatum to stop the child’s resistant acts. There is no proper implementation and administration of these acts by the government and the concerned authorities..


Considering the different domains discussed in this blog, we can undoubtedly claim that age disparity is a concern which has to be paid attention by law makers and the justice providers immediately. I’m not claiming that being of the same age or being born in the same generation makes life simpler and more smoother than living with people much elder to you. But, it has been proven by psychology that two people of the same age and generation are sought to have deeper understanding about each other including their perspective, ideologies, expectations from life and aspirations, as compared to someone who hasn’t experienced similar things as they are born in eras when things and situations were organized differently and they had to prove themselves in those set ups very differently than current times. So, next time you’re facing trust issues or arguments over sensitive topics with your child or partner, try to peak in their shoes to understand their perspectives and begin discussing more mature topics with them by being unbiased about their intellect.



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