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This generation of unique memes, which reflects on the educational process has become an essential component of liberal education in journalism. During the Covid-19 pandemic, it was properly visible that many students particularly future journalists developed memes on hot subjects. 

The author discovered that memes that were dedicated to the learning process in universities can be classified into several types. Based on different grounds for classification, at the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University. The initial premise for categorization is the linguistic context.

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Memes Originated from Foreign

Memes may be based on a foreign foundation or a Russian-language base. Simultaneously, memes amplify the learning process by using a meme template for the recognition effect. The actual application of the template is the next foundation for categorization. A meme may be called a template if it uses on a recognized basis. If the meme’s visual and linguistic design is not related to any common image. The creation of comedic impact as an observed scenario, such a meme might be deemed unique.

Taking into account how the meme originated the author look for the degree of versatility, structure, theme, and even method of exposure. If we apply this categorization to the present study, then the Russian language will evaluate specifically for students and journalists.

Criticism in Learning Meme

It is worth noting that criticism of the learning process is a very prevalent element of memes concerning higher education. Students feel compelled to voice their displeasure with any flaws in organizing educational events and to generate local memes on the subject. During the pandemic, this attribute of meme content has also increased.

If prior to switching to remote mode, students complained about the university’s food, an inconvenient lecture schedule, and a long wait for an elevator. They are now expressing dissatisfaction with the university’s lack of technical equipment and literacy, not so much of the teaching staff as the schedule dispatchers.

At the moment, the heavy workload is the second most popular theme of memes. Distant education proved to be more tiresome than typical for many since the process of transitioning to a new education system was quite quick. 

Teachers View

Many professors thought that students needed more time at home to work and raise the number of home examinations. Which immediately elicited a response from the students to reflect on exhaustion and displeasure, they started to create memes. Teachers must conclude the formation of meme material used to reflect on the educational process. For starters, memes on this issue assist people to relieve tension during studying, which is particularly important during a pandemic. Second, the organizer must investigate memes to gather criticism and improve the organization system. Third, not publishing such memes on the official site because of a source of alternative university information. But might affect an applicant’s choice to apply to a certain institution.


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