Its High Time To Plan For That School Reunion

Amidst all nighters and making new friends, it is very difficult for someone to take the plunge and plan that pending reunion you guys always talked about.

While some people think school days as the best time of their lives, its not true for everyone. You might have spent all those years cursing the fellow classmates, teachers and everyone else there and thought of never coming back to this place ever, but its high time that you should get over the hate and reconnect with our old friends. Here’s a list of 10 reasons which will make you call your school friends right now and make it happen right now!

To reminisce

To remind each other of all the stupid things you cribbed about and share a few laughs is always a good idea. Sorry, but it might make you bit emotional and its flashback of who you used to be back then.

To reconnect with ex-besties

Remember the time when you used to go to washroom, bunk classes and play football together and thought nothing will grow you apart? Unless and until you’re one of the few lucky people, who are still connected with their best friends, you’re going to love spending time with your school bestie and such event will never come back. Old friendships are real gold.

To take that 10 years later picture

Group memories are shared better in a group. So, if you actually get successful in making the reunion plan, don’t forget to take the picture to be remembered for the rest of your life and which you will proudly show your kids

To satisfy your curiosity

Confession- Thanks to social media that we do know what our ex classmates are upto. The girl who said will never get married is happily married now and the nerd you bullied in school is now in the best college in the entire country. But, timeline posts aren’t real conversations! Being someone’s “friend” on Facebook does not mean you know anything about them other than what they did last Friday night. You’ll get a peek in their highs and lows and boy, it will be relatable!

Living well is the best revenge

If you were one of the kids who quite didn’t fit the model back then and weren’t one of the popular kids in school and you think now you’ve made a wonderful life for yourself, its time for some show off! Latebloomers, rejoice!

To repair an old relationship, ask for forgiveness or thank someone

Admit it that you miss them. Don’t forget to tag them below!

– Mansi Gupta


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