Insomnia Can Be Treated By Simple Changes In Lifestyle

Insomnia Can Be Treated By Simple Changes In Lifestyle

Insomnia in general terms means sleeplessness or when one is not able to sleep properly. It is a disorder that keeps you away from sleeping enough. It leads to sleep deprivation. You are finding it difficult to sleep, not getting sufficient rest or waking between sleep and then not being able to get back to sleep again. All these conditions can be termed Insomnia. It is a medical condition but is not dangerous if treated on time. It can be cured easily at home because your sleep is related to your mind. On average, humans are recommended to sleep for 7-8 hours a day and during the week, they should get sleep for 56 hours. Sometimes human’s mental problems and situations did not let them sleep. Due to sleep deprivation, the body is not able to perform its function properly or with the same energy that it could. For doing different types of tasks daily, the body needs energy and that energy will be produced when the body gets adequate rest and feels relaxed otherwise you feel tired and irritated. The body will not have enough stamina and even after doing basic things like brushing, bathing etc, the body will feel exhausted. A day will feel like a waste as you are not able to relish and enjoy tasks. You are in the middle of a situation where neither you sleep properly nor you are fully awake or watchful. About 10℅ of the world’s population is facing this problem.

This is a transient disorder or syndrome rather than a disease.Insomnia might last for a long time or only a short while. Short term sleeplessness frequently results in issues like bodily weakness, headaches, poor focus, mood fluctuations, anxiety, feeling down, and decreased appetite. Long-term sleep deprivation intensifies these issues, turning them into physical or mental illnesses and disorders like high blood pressure, depression, heart attacks, strokes, liver issues, and sudden weight loss and gain. It is a reminder that your body needs rest. Certain kinds of people suffer from this disorder for example overthinkers, people with irregular sleep schedules and many more.

★Causes of Insomnia might include:

uncomfortable bedding, stress and stressful situations, anxiety, physical illness, going through some bad phase or emotional breakdown, irregular sleeping time, overthinking about something, spending too much time on electronic devices like watching television and tablets, scrolling on mobile phones, playing on laptops and computers just before bed, intaking too much caffeine, disruptive work schedule, eating dinner too late, consuming drugs like nicotine and alcohol, noisy environment, improper lighting and darkness, restless legs( displeasing sensation in your legs) or some underlying medical conditions.

Insomnia is self-diagnosable. Its symptoms include :

1. Complication in falling asleep at night

2. Waking up between the night and then not able to nod off again

3. Waking up earlier than normal

4. Not feeling restored after a night’s sleep

5. Daytime drowsiness or fatigue

6. Irritability, sadness, uneasiness or nervousness

7. Difficulty in concentrating, focusing on tasks or recollecting

8. Increased mistakes

9. Ongoing concerns and trouble with sleep

10. Constant and frequent headaches and feelings of nausea.

If you experience a maximum of these symptoms, then do try the below-given treatments.

1. First and foremost important thing is to makeover of your bed. Make comfortable bedding with proper night bulbs or dim lights. Listen to some sweet peaceful music. Make sure that your surroundings are serene, undisturbed and quiet.

2. Make a proper sleep schedule. Fix the timings of your sleeping and waking up. Give enough time for food to digest. Walk for a few minutes after having dinner. Your sleeping habits matter most in insomnia.

3. Wash your feet before bed with lukewarm water and apply mustard oil on the sole. Massage it for 2 minutes. This will facilitate your hormones and acupressure points

4. Before half an hour to sleep, stop and avoid using any digital devices. Instead of a phone, read a book, magazine or newspaper. Indulge yourself in some sort of easy board game like Ludo, snakes and Ladders, brain vita etc.

5. Additionally, you can practice some easy yoga positions, do massage, and meditate. You can also try your hand at creative tasks like drawing, colouring, sketching, painting, and stitching. If you don’t want to perform any of these then it can be anything you choose, but it should be sufficiently calming.

6. After laying on the bed, blink your eyes fastly around 5 minutes. Rub your palms and apply to your eyes. Try massaging your forehead, ears and hair lining with your fingers. Forget about everything and focus on your breath. Chant some mantras or hymns.

7. Take a spoonful of honey or ashwagandha powder with milk. It is an excellent herb for the body with amazing benefits. It helps in lowering stress levels and anxiety, getting faster sleep, building muscle strength and boosting immunity.

8. Soak your feet in warm water for around 20 minutes on weekends. It improves your blood circulation and increases energy levels. It relaxes your body.

9. Add some physical activities like running, jogging, cycling, swimming or any sports to your routine.

10. If you are a coffee or tea lover, try having it before 7 to 8 hours of your bedtime. Don’t drink around your sleeping time. The cause of caffeine starts getting lowering after 5 hours of drinking it. Therefore, if you can’t resist it then drink it early.

These are some home remedies or treatments which you can follow for sound sleep. Problems are a temporary part of your life. A little change in your lifestyle can sort out many things in your life. Try eating healthy and remain positive in your outlook towards your life. Sleep is as important as your work. If you sleep well then only you can a le to work with full zeal and enthusiasm.





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