How to Stay Productive and Enjoy Work From Home: 3 Life-Changing Tips

Enjoying Work From Home as a New Normal!

How to Stay Productive and Enjoy Work From Home: Interesting Tips that might Change Your Life

Do you feel the need to stay productive and enjoy working from home? Do you often feel bored and exhausted after sitting in front of the screen for hours? Do you often get thoughts of quitting your job or changing your mode of working after feeling overwhelmed while working from home? Do you feel burnout and loss of interest in any given work that you pursue? If so, then we have got you covered in this article. We shall be providing some life-changing tips that might help you stay productive and enjoy your work-from-home routines.

How to Stay Productive and Enjoy Work-From-Home: 3 Life-Changing Tips

Importance of Staying Productive and Enjoying Work From Home

One must learn to realize the importance of staying productive and enjoying work-from home. Work-from-home has become the new normal of working post the onset of the pandemic. Most offices and organizations shifted their working methodology and routines to work-from-home and hybrid working formats post the pandemic, after considering the various infrastructural costs and equipment costs that they might have to bear while resuming the working from office routines and hiring 100-200 employees in a huge office. Most individuals now have to learn to adapt to a work-from-home routine in order to stay productive and enjoy working from home in order to avoid inviting unnecessary stress, anxiety, frustration and venting out of frustration on other individuals. It is important to realize that adaptability to change is the only constant in a constantly developing world. One cannot expect a different environment or atmosphere with a change of job or an impulsive decision of quitting one’s existing job. Alternatively, one can attempt to make informed choices about strategies that might help them stay productive and enjoy working from office.

Let us look at a few interesting and life-changing tips that will help you enjoy and stay productive while working from home:

Designate a separate space as Work-From Home Office

It is important to have a decorum and similar environment as that of a home office in order to retain the sincerity and punctuality one derives for typical working from office jobs. In order to maintain an office environment and avoid taking daily routines as casual jobs, one must designate a separate space within the house itself as their home office. Under circumstances, where the home space is limited and building a home office comes at the cost of the collective space of the house in general, then one could also look for nearby co-working spaces or renting a small space near to one’s house to make it appear as if one is working in an environment similar to their office. One can organize their home office spaces in a similar manner as that of typical office desks or cubicles. Some useful tips are as follows:

  • Keep your desk clean and organized. Put minimal supplies near your working space.
  • Use desk organizers, file organizers, sticky notes, pen stands for easy and efficient working on a daily basis.
  • Organize your desk each night to start the day with a fresh mind and approach.
  • Keep your desk tidy and do not pile it over heavily with other supplies such as snacks, beverages, medicines or any other kind of trivial stationery.
  • If you’re having coffee/snacks while working, maintain a desirable distance from your working desk while doing so. Clean the desk after each instance of such situations of multitasking.
  • Use good quality mouse, mouse-pads, laptop stands and chairs to avoid straining of neck and back due to over-exertion.
  • Keep your laptop charger and phone charger plugged in near your working space to avoid urgent situations of battery drainage.
  • Put your phone on silent or vibrate to avoid distractions with popping notifications.
  • Ensure that you are sitting at a place that has good Wi-Fi connectivity and internet bandwidth.
  • Keep back-ups of portable internet dongles, mobile data packs under unanticipated situations of power-shortages and power-cuts.
  • Sit in a silent environment with less external noise disturbance. But at the same time, sit near to the window or scenic environment to avoid feeling tired or bound in a closed environment.
  • Ensure that the home-office has a separate entrance and exit for outsiders, to avoid permitting people to access one’s private spaces in the house.

Take Frequent Breaks and Strolls while Working From Home

It is important to realize that one must not overwork themselves by sitting for 7-8 hours straight in front of their respective screens. One must take frequent breaks and stretch themselves from top to bottom to avoid any kind of muscle or bone puncture in the neck or shoulders.

Here are a few things one can do while they are taking a break from work-from-home:

  • Listen to music and take a few rounds of walking either in the house or on the terrace/parks for 10-15 mins.
  • Take small breaks of tea/coffee and have a chat with family members.
  • Call/text a friend and share whatever one is feeling.
  • Go outside the house and do some photography of nature/birds or people on the streets.
  • Read a few pages of a book one might be interested in.
  • Take a power nap with a timer of 15-20 mins on the phone to recharge and resume work with a relaxed and open mind.
  • Do some exercises such as push-ups, stretching, cardio, planks or even yoga.
  • Engage in meditation to calm the mind and body.
  • Try cooking your favorite snack/comfort food.
  • Cycling for a few rounds in one’s vicinity can help arouse one’s physiological movements and help in mental rejuvenation.
  • Going out for a small drive in the car or even riding the motorcycle can help one feel energized and help clear the mental block by observing the happenings outside.
  • Watching some interesting content either online or on the television.

Work from a Café or Go on a Staycation to Change Working Environment

Working from home can become tedious and uninteresting if it is initiated from the same location at every point of time. One might feel sick of the same surroundings and same working space and therefore, one must attempt to change the location from where they attempt to work remotely. One can either choose to work from a café that has a good working environment with free Wi-Fi or even go on a staycation to a suitable location. By doing so, one can explore a different location by feeling relaxed and getting a much needed break from their mundane environment. One can explore a new location and also enjoy working from home as a part of their new routine. This might feel like a trivial change at first, but by engaging in it one can realize the true value associated with it. Several resorts, hotels as well as cafes have a permanent package for staycation and remote working that includes accommodation, food and beverages, lodging, travel and internet services included in it with reasonable rates for daily and monthly basis.


It is important to adapt to the new normal of work-from-home and learn to stay productive and enjoy it as a part of one’s daily routine. By accepting and taking the necessary steps of maintaining the interest and productivity for a given job, one can essentially boost their chances of getting a promotion and establish a professional identity at their workplace.


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