How technology changed lives during covid-19

Modern gadgets and technologies have enslaved us during this covid lockdown. They have made the world jump forward with a leap, and forced us to rely on new set of hardware and software technology that have came to help us cope with the new normal. During the beginning of the lockdown a few months ago, businesses had to adapt quickly to survive. Millions of employees began working from home across the globe, and shoppers could not enjoy shopping in stores. All schools had to close immediately to avoid spreading the virus. Teachers had to find ways to communicate with their students because we were unsure when the pandemic will end. A few months ago, what was impossible has become a reality for many, and as we know that we have to maintain social distancing to stop the spread of virus technology has became the new tool to communicate, study, shopping and also for doing payments. Technologies like Zoom saw their users rise from 10million to 200million per day as more people started using video communication software to communicate with families and colleagues more than ever before.

Our life is driven by gadgets and gizmos so much so that we cannot imagine even a day without them. Now life comes to a pause whenever we are disconnected from the internet. Education, communication, commerce and industry are all dependent on modern gadgets now.

However, despite the changes and challenges of COVID-19, technology has came forward as a new solution to transform our daily lives and allowed us to cope during the pandemic and as it is said that there are two faces of the coin, technology too can be an open-ended sword as we came across several instances of cybersecurity breaches during the pandemic. So, now we can only hope for covid to end so that we can enjoy our normal lives.


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