How Public Speaking Can Get You Your Dream Job: Top 6 Interesting Advantages

How Public Speaking Can Get You Your Dream Job: Top 6 Interesting Advantages

Have you ever wondered about how public speaking can get you your dream job? Your most anticipated job position can be at your fingertips once you ace the art of public speaking with sheer simplicity and ease! Public speaking is often underrated and easily ignored by most people who have not attempted to master it or even engage in it. But it is important to note that public speaking can be highly beneficial and meaningful for individuals, especially if they consider to groom themselves on a professional and personal level. By engaging in public speaking, one essentially paves the path towards increased confidence while conversing with new individuals as well as invites new possibilities of recognition and networking with professionals in their network.

One also begins to approach their work with an openness that is quite remarkable as well as applaud-worthy. By essentially learning to speak confidently and organically in front of a large audience, one begins to feel comfortable amongst a huge audience and does not hesitate to put across their point while discussing something amongst a multitude of other working professionals at their workplace. It is widely known and accepted that if one speaks out loud, it shows how well-acquainted they are to a given field. Therefore, one should always practice public speaking to avoid creating assumptions of being arrogant, overly shy and introverted amongst their colleagues. Let us understand some interesting benefits associated with how public speaking can get you your dream job!

How Public Speaking Can Get You Your Dream Job: Top 6 Interesting Advantages

Benefits Associated with How Public Speaking Can Get You Your Dream Job

There are numerous and interesting benefits associated with how public speaking can get you your dream job. One can only begin to realize the interesting and notable changes they make in one’s personality once they begin to train themselves in this life skill. Let us explore some key benefits that arise as a result of engaging in public speaking by being fully devoted and dedicated to it.

  • Increased Confidence: Public speaking can make significant changes to one’s confidence levels by making one appear highly confident and impactful in front of an audience that is unaware of their personality and hidden skills as such. In order to appear confident, one must speak with conviction and possess deep persuasive skills. By essentially engaging in public speaking, one can develop conviction and persuasive skills that might get them their dream job, especially if they feel that their experience or resume does not stand out amongst a sea of other applicants. Public speaking does not promote boastfulness or fabrication of statements, since it is essentially related to persuading someone about how your skill or experience might be useful to their organization, but without being too consumed in appreciating oneself.
  • Good Non-Verbal Communication Skills: By being trained in good public speaking skills, one also ensures that they have a good hold on the non-verbal communication skills as a matter of subtly communicating their intentions and motivations to their colleagues and also being able to identify sign language, hand gestures, facial expressions and body posture. The key elements of non-verbal communication such as body posture, sign language, facial expression, eye contact, hand movement, lip movement and overall appearance in public spaces can convey a lot about an individual. In order to not give wrong indications about one’s thoughts and motivations, one should use public speaking as an instrument that makes them appear real and organic in front of an audience. Therefore, public speaking always teaches one to be mindful of their body posture, facial expressions, lip movement, eye contact while speaking, as well as hand gestures.
  • High Self-Esteem: Public speaking skills are pathways to increased confidence levels, higher self-esteem and an overall appealing persona to those around oneself. By being able to verbally communicate whatever one is thinking or planning to do to an array of audience, one can primarily invite higher confidence and high self-esteem about oneself. Since one can only have a good and positive judgement about themselves, they tend to having an overall impression about themselves. Since liking oneself internally is the path to being liked and appreciated by others.
  • Fluent Speech: Public speaking hones one’s overall proficiency and fluency while using verbal language in speech. By experiencing fluency and clarity in language, one can largely avoid public embarrassments such as stammering, stuttering and pauses while speaking as a matter of mastering continuity in speech by practicing speaking in front of the mirror under the public speaking routines! Since one practices upon improving various elements of speech such as voice modulation, pronunciation, emphasis on each syllable and pitch, it makes it easier to use speech with conviction at any given point of time during public speaking.
  • Good Rapport with Individuals: Since one masters the art of public speaking, one can easily build a good rapport with other individuals, such as by engaging in a meaningful conversation with them by being frank and real with them and also understanding their motivations and thoughts as they share some information with you. Therefore, one can build a good alliance with one’s colleagues at workplace as well as work on being a good listener as they share their inherent thoughts with oneself. By building a strong rapport with other individuals, one can feel belonged, accepted and closely associated with their organization as a matter of building a trusted circle of friends and colleagues.
  • Attracting Good Opportunities: It is always said that the ones who can manage a difficult situation by being confident in their speech and providing assurance to the other individual about solving any arising problem, one can easily attract good working opportunities on their plate. Organizations and firms always prefer individuals who are confident during stressful situations, are good with problem solving and possess good conviction. Therefore, public speaking is important for those who wish to attract good opportunities in the forms of jobs, internships, apprenticeships and fellowships. So, whether you like it or not, one should always go for public speaking.

Therefore, one should always explore the question around how public speaking can get you your dream job! Public speaking can make tremendous changes to one’s overall personality and prospects to get their dream job landed within their fingertips! So, go and practice your public speaking skills right away!


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