Five Things to Expect from Delhi University

As a prospective student just fresh out of school, you’re probably wondering what college you should pick, whether you should go out of town, and maybe most importantly, what course you should pick. If you’ve pretty much decided on Delhi University, here’s just a little nudge to push you to make that final decision.

Things to Expect from Delhi UniversityGreat Faculty

If you hit just that right sweet spot of the right course in the right college, you can find some of the best, most inspiring teachers. College education is so much different from school education, the environment being much more open and flexible for your personal growth. When you meet the right people, the right teachers, and some pretty good facilities, it can really turn around your college career around.

Great Campus Life

From breaks spent in DSE, Kamla Nagar or Satyaniketan, to hanging out with people in their PGs or flats, the campus life of DU is great. You will have some of the best experiences walking around in the avenues of North Campus, sprawled across the lawns of your college (or someone else’s!) in the winters, or attending college fests with your new friends and meeting new people all the time. Delhi is also a lively hub of arts and culture of the best kind, something one has easier access to from college.


College fests, department conferences, Antardhvani, competitions, theatre, music, dance, slam poetry – DU has everything one can hope for. The best talent and the best opportunities, and nobody’s stopping you from going up on that stage and giving it a try. It doesn’t matter what you’re interested in – there’s something for everybody. From frequent performances by music and theatre groups around Delhi (Asmita fans, anyone?), slam poetry groups like MOC, and talks by the most successful and inspiring people, there really is a lot of exposure for those who are seeking it.
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Gruelling Student Life

Who said it was all fun and games? While all those uncles and aunts can go on talking about how DU students never really do anything besides chilling, take it from someone who has been here for almost a year, it is anything but that. College life is not easy. The syllabus is incredibly demanding and you will lose out on a lot of sleep, but on the bright side, if you’re able to manage your time well, you will have plenty of time for other things you enjoy. It just takes some time to adjust, that’s all.

Amazing People

The best part about DU? You meet the smartest kids from all around the country, which in itself is a lot of exposure to different kinds of cultures, experiences, and of course, FOOD! If high school was a hellhole for you because you never really found someone who understands you, college is the best place to be. And nothing says friendship like bonding over a bowl of butter masala maggi in Delhi winters!


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