Exams… Yes they suck! But not always

Exams Exams everywhere, Not a thing to Despair. So University times provides you with few reasons as to why exams suck but not always.

  1. Improves learning

Exams are the only time we bother to open our books and study. It aids your ability to learn providing you with knowledge which is helpful throughout your life. While studying you realize that your syllabus isn’t that bad and there are a lot of things that interests you.

  1. Time Management

Whether it’s studying or writing it; it polishes our skill of time management. We now know how to study 10 chapters in 2 days and write long answers in 3 hours. Time management is an important factor that will be helpful in your jobs (well, thank you exams).

  1. examsStrengthens friendships

This is time you come to know who your real friends are. A good friend is one who motivates you to plan your study and gives you notes so that the bulk of syllabus also appears manageable. Your notifications read thousands of messages from hundreds of conversations and you have so many images of class notes to download and so many links to open. There is a feeling of sinking and sailing together.

  1. Group studies

It’s fun to learn when we do it together. It is a proven fact what the teacher couldn’t teach you the entire semester, a friend can teach you one day before the exams. All you need is the right bunch of people who help and motivate you instead of ending up gossiping and distracting you.

  1. Parents are just so proud of YOU

Your parents are the happiest when they see you studying instead of sitting in front of the TV watching Friends or with phone in your hands. They don’t find you useless anymore and take extra care of you during exam time. According to them, exams should happen every week (strange!).

  1. Midnight snacks

We all love this, a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in another. Midnight snacks are totally de-stressors. When you are done with half of the syllabus and need some more energy grab a bar of chocolate. And not to forget our best friend maggi which is always there to the rescue to satisfy your 2 am hunger.

  1. A reason to party

The best parties are the after exams party. Your friends don’t make excuses to escape and everybody joins in. You get a reason to celebrate. (Yes we know you had been planning this since you got the date sheet and just thinking about it all the time while writing your last exam).

  1. Self evaluation

Exams make you understand where you stand, how much you know and what are your interest areas. This is very important since you understand what you want to do in future.

We hope you study well instead of telling yourself you will study hard the next semester. Good luck!



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