DU 2022 Admission: University of Delhi Shows Live Data University Preferred Courses

DU 2022 Admission: Today the University of Delhi is launching a new and important feature to support interested applicants in the admissions process for the upcoming academic session.

The university introduced a new section called :Census of College Preferences”. Applicants can now use this section to find out how many applicants have chosen a particular program at a particular university. This gives applicants instant real-time data/ information on the number of students who have taken a course or program. It will also help you understand your chosen program and college preferences for that academic session.

This data is available on the DU website (du.ac.in). Students must go to the Admissions tab and click on the link provided in the list of their chosen university courses above.

It is updated on the website every two hours to provide candidates with real-time data. This real-time data helps applicants make informed decisions about their program and college preferences.

Universities also warn applicants not to properly optimize existing preferences. DU officials reiterated that candidates must select all combinations to make the most their allocation rounds.

“When talking about their preferences, applicants make far fewer choices, even if they are entitle to that choice. For example, if an applicant prefers the 1469 program plus a college within a college, all combinations must be select to achieve the best results in the allocation round. Number of program and college combinations to increase your chances of getting a job under CSAS rules”.

Applicants also have a CSAS Portal that automatically locks their saved preferences if they don’t save their choices and preferences by October 10, 4:59.


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