Constipation:Do’s And Dont’s

Constipation is a common digestive problem where a person has infrequent bowel movements or when passing stools become difficult due to the hardening of stools. Symptoms of constipation can include bloating, abdominal discomfort, and a feeling of incomplete evacuation. In some cases, constipation can also lead to complications like hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and fecal impaction.

Here are some simple steps that you can follow to tap the root cause of constipation:

Upon waking up first thing in the morning you should have copper-charged water as it helps digestion. You should avoid drying beverages like tea and coffee upon waking up if you are serious about treating Constipation.A person suffering from constipation should make it a point to drink this copper charge water warm in a squatting position.Begin to drink water in a squat position. This will automatically start building an impulse to go. However, if you find it difficult to squat you can choose to drink water in a standing position. After drinking the water in a standing position if you are ready to go don’t wait or you can slowly walk around for 2 minutes gently rubbing your stomach in a clockwise direction then empty your bowls.It is a proven fact today that the closer we are to squatting the more easily we can defecate Most of us have only western style toilet seats at home so an effective hack is to keep a stool to form a 35-degree angle and this will also make the evacuation easy clenching the teeth while emptying bowels greatly helps try ones.

Then get ready and after 20 minutes of breakfast you need to take 3 teaspoons of abhayarishta plus 3 teaspoons of kumarayasava with almost equal amounts of warm water Abhayarishta as mentioned in the Ayurvedic text of bhaishajya ratnavali carefully prepared concoction using over 15 herbs like haritaki suanf and munakka that treats Constipation. It is a powerful digestive tonic that pushes the movement in the intestines.Kumaryasava as mentioned in yoga ratnagar is prepared using aloe Vera along with 15 other hopes its function is to lubricate the colon and push the toxins out and heal it. So make sure you drink it slowly feeling as if your digestive tract is getting repaired.

★Between breakfast and lunch comes the next step of this routine which is to add a glass of bel Sharbat.There is one fruit to free digestive disorders wood apple or beal or bilva as it is commonly called ayurveda talks at length about its high medicinal value which is why it is available all around the year in the form of either sharbat candy or murabba bel with its antibacterial and antifungal properties acts as a cleanser for the intestines highly recommended in Constipation you should have 4 teaspoons of bael sharbat mixed and 200 ml of warm water once a day it tastes tasty and effective.

★Constipation is your body’s signal that your intestines have gone dry and cold so the food you eat greatly impacts most you should strictly avoid eating raw vegetable salads due to their drying and cold properties even fruits should not be consumed post sunset.Try bananas, papaya ,guava ,grapes ,pomegranates and soaked figs are the fruits best.For properly lubrication make sure that you are adding one teaspoon of desi cow ghee to every meal asafoetida and ginger are highly beneficial spices for you don’t forget to add them while making curries.

★Oats are specifically best you can eat an oath meal mixed with milk and jaggery powder for breakfast or oats fried in ghee with Vegetables.

★Drink warm water throughout the day milk products being lubricated should be a part of your daily diet especially chas or lassi post-lunch last but not least you should chew your food properly.

In the evening it is time to execute step number 3 which is to have flax seeds oily and rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber are also a laxative to make the tea in a pan put around 300 ml of water and add one tablespoon of flaxseed to it let them boil for about 15 minutes and when the water reduces to the half strain of the seeds chew the flax seeds along with the tea flax seeds have a nice nutty taste and the tea is invigorating for the digestive system than 20 minutes after dinner again have 3 teaspoons of abhayarishta and 3 teaspoons of kumaryasava with an almost equal amount of warm water drink it slowly as it will also help in the digestion of the dinner.

Finally, the last step of this routine includes have been one glass of warm milk boiled with the piece of ginger in it mix one teaspoon of Castor oil to it. Castor oil being rich in ricinoleic acid forces the muscles of the intestines to contract and push out the stool ayurveda has always used it for laxative action and today modern researches are also in tune with it have the milk slowly warm just like you sip tea and the benefit of it would be felt the next morning.

Then sleep well you have noticed how after you have slept well just after waking up you readily feel an urge to go.On the contrary if you had compromised on sleep or wake up at irregular times you simply do not get the urge that is because the abdominal muscles contract and prepare for bowel movements during sleep so sleep well.

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