A Foreign Language can take you places!

The days when perfecting a foreign tongue was a pastime seem to have gone with the wind. The mood rampant nowadays and rightly so confers some additional brownie points to those engaged in learning and comprehending a foreign language. The benefits for someone with a midway to advanced understanding of a foreign language are manifold ranging from opportunities in the teaching sector as well as prospects opening when one commits themselves to making a career as a translator/interpreter.

The international relevance of these languages ensures that MNC’s and international NGO’s which have come out of the countries where these languages were born are uninterruptedly scouting for speakers skilled in these languages during their dealings with other nations.

Now, learning a language which puts one in the same thread as those who have that same language ingrained in their brains as a mother tongue is a laborious process. Most of us will never be able to achieve that level of naturality in a foreign tongue and this seems to be the reason why being an interpreter is such a rewarding profession nowadays for being an intermediary between corporate honchos or political bureaucrats from different countries is a tough ask. In this routine setting for an interpreter/translator, his/her mind is engaged in juggling between two languages and the responsibility of communicating these messages effectively is paramount as these are the ones which could make or break the nation, at least on paper. For a professional translator, life can be pleasing in a hedonistic sense as one gets to follow the extensive course of travel of national delegations and corporate teams. So for those of you looking to realize their traveling dreams but are inhibited by budgetary constraints as all of us are, this is the ideal workplace for you.

A Foreign LanguageFor those in the IT sector, acquaintance with a foreign language is a huge plus in dealing with foreign clients. Bangalore today being the IT hub of the country has been seeing a simultaneous growth in the number of foreign language learning institutes. Many of the IT professionals in this city are juggling between their work commitments and their language courses which would bolster their chances in better facilitating those trans-continental dealings.

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The teaching sector is also another place where opportunities can be tapped into! If you thought European languages were hogging the center stage, take a cue from the rise of the Chinese language market, lesser known as Mandarin. Many schools and language centers are catering to the rise in demand of these languages and vacancies for teachers are perpetually on the rise. While studying your chosen foreign language, one can choose to get an acquaintance with working in the informal sector. Start giving tuitions to other students who are just getting started with the language, mint money, get the good old satisfaction of seeing your pupil excel with the help of your imparted wisdom and most importantly, remember to demonetize your business, so Paytm karo!

It’s all the more better if you start learning your chosen foreign language as a student either in school or during your graduation. All for the reason that for most of us, our idea of prioritizing those foreign universities as the destination for higher education is usually put on the back burner and we tend to plan our masters’ courses in abroad instead of our graduation. So having a CV which is indicative of a healthy understanding of a foreign language might just help you get a decent scholarship which might curb those inflated tuition fees. Moreover, I guess it’s time to move over Britain and U.S.A as Brexit and Trump have pretty much killed our spirits of getting those visas and more importantly, getting employment there. Instead, look at alternative and more feasible options in France, Canada, Germany and Spain among others. In some of these countries, state run universities offer subsidized education facilities and in Germany, higher education is free of cost in these state-run universities. Coupled with that foreign language and you’ve got a decent combination for yourself!


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