7 things to keep in mind while writing a master’s application

Successfully completing a master’s application is taking another step forward towards giving form to your dreams. Since it is a master’s that you’re applying for, a certain standard is expected out of you and mistakes are not ignored easily. Even one little mistake can shatter everything. Thus, it is extremely important for you to pay extra attention to every little detail. From the form filling part to writing a personal statement or statement of purpose, do give it your best shot because this is a make or break situation.

Here are 7 things to keep in mind while writing a master’s application.

1) Adhere to application deadlines and other rules

The worst mistake to make is to submit an application late. It is like committing suicide. Also, make sure you take your time to read the application rules carefully before clicking the submit button. Every college has a different procedure so it is essential to read the guidelines to avoid any blunders.

2) Check your Grammar and Spelling!

If there is a way to embarrass yourself even before you actually show your face to the faculty, then this is it. Grammar and spelling mistakes are unforgivable and extremely disappointing, keeping in mind that you’re applying for a master’s degree. To prevent yourself from committing the unforgivable sin, ensure that your re read your application at least 3 times before you send it across to the college concerned.

3) Be Precise and have a clear answer to “Why this?”

Nobody, and again, NOBODY has the time and patience to read vague statements of purpose. If you want a master’s degree in a particular subject, you ought to know exactly why you want it. So unless you manage to put across your point sensibly and in a crisp manner, the person evaluating your application may mark against you under clarity of thought. Put forth your ideas, your motivation and your driving force in the most convincing yet precise manner. Let your passion about the subject do the talking.

4) Highlight your achievements

If you have achievements that you are proud of, do not flinch from stating them. Why wouldn’t a college want a student who has the ability to prove himself/herself or has already done it in the past?  Thus, highlighting your worth will only work to your benefit. If you have work experience, do not hesitate in mentioning it. A student who is both academically strong and is an active participant in co-curricular activities is an ideal combination. Make sure your personal statement makes them believe that you’re the best bet.

5) Link past experience with the course

Past professional experience can be a major advantage only if you can link the skills you’ve acquired to how they add value to the course you want to pursue. The connection has to be made clear for your application to earn the extra weightage.

6) Scholarships

If you’re looking for college funding, do not forget to look up the college website for scholarships and the eligibility criteria for the same.

7) Be clear in the head

Before you take any big step, ask yourself- “Is this what I really want?” A master’s degree takes you closer to your goal so make sure you make a well informed choice. Your passion about the subject will reflect in your application only if you truly are passionate about it.


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