5 Things Every Math Hater Will Relate To

Remember that cute subject in school- you didn’t need to spell any words correctly, only learn a small number of formulas and solve the entire exam! Moreover, even your handwriting didn’t matter! Of course- MATHEMATICS. Such an amazing subject. Not to forget that famous lie our parents and teachers always told us “ Maths sabse zyada scoring subject hota hai! ”. Yeah. Try telling that to the checker for whom the questions asked in the exam and my answers for them never seemed to get along.

Maths has always been a nightmare for millions of students around the world. Here are 5 things every one of you awesome, maths-hating people will totally relate to-

  1. In the class, the teacher would always start with innocent things like “ What is 2+2?” All the students would scream with joy “MA’AM, 4!”. Life would be awesome… till the question in the exam would turn into something like: “Ram has 2 apples. His train is 7 minutes early, CALCULATE THE MASS OF THE SUN.  ” *takes a gun and shoots the person who set the question paper*5 Things Every Math Hater Will Relate To
  2. You would sit all blank in the maths class, filled with awe and silent appreciation as the teacher and some students who were born with the math gene discussed complex problems and theorems, in a language only the two seemed to understand. You were Darsheel Safary from Taare Zameen Par. “Ma’am, the numbers are dancing..”5 Things Every Math Hater Will Relate To
  1. That moment when the maths professor would suddenly stop while intently solving the financial crisis of India on the blackboard, and pick you from a class of 40 students to complete it. You look at your watch. 30 minutes for the class to end. You tell yourself   “ Ab toh karna hi padega.” You deliberately walk slowly to the blackboard, your friends giggling at your misery. Those bastards know very well that this is mission impossible, and you know you are pretty much screwed.5 Things Every Math Hater Will Relate To
  2. YOU SURVIVED SCHOOL! Very well. You are happy that you won’t be facing this subject ever again in college. But no. You are wrong. Very, very wrong. It is going to come back with a bang when you least expect it to. In the form of an interdisciplinary course. Or as a small portion in the entire syllabus. And you know you are screwed again.
  1. Giving an entrance exam? GMAT? GRE? CAT? Microbiology? Guess what?   “ Ram has 2 apples………”
    *takes a gun and shoots self*

Don’t feel bad about sucking at maths. One subject can’t make you less of an amazing person. After all, you are in college and did pass all those exams (borderline passing marks bhi chalte hain yaar !). Oh Math, thou art a heartless bitch.

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