5 Perks of Studying Abroad

It’s that time of the year again when you’re considering every academic option at your disposal, for your career. This crossroad is an all important step of your future. Almost everybody has thought about studying abroad for further studies as a viable option. Here are 5 reasons why it might actually be worth it.

5 Perks of Studying Abroad

  1. Blings Up Your CV

With the ever-expanding globalised market, employers are looking for people who know how to deal with people from various countries. There’s an increased demand for a global citizen. Apart from that, there will also be international job opportunities. Add an Ivy-league college name to it and your CV will shine up like anything.

  1. Explore Another Part of The World

It’s a common misconception that Indians only aim for USA, UK or Canada when it comes to higher studies abroad. But there are students who are studying in countries like Singapore which opens up a whole new world for them, unlike anything they have ever seen before. And you will end up learning a bit of their language and culture as well, for sure. Talk about completing your bucket list with a new accent slipping off your tongue.

  1. Time for some introspection

Studying abroad guarantees one thing: You will learn more about yourself than you could ever in your life, whether it is the fact that you would be independent, making money on your own, or figuring out your life in a totally different country with new people and culture. Not only would you understand yourself better, but it will also give you an opportunity to understand how things work in other parts of the world.

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  1. Learn Real Life Skills

Studying in a new education system and interacting with people from other countries and cultures equips future leaders in all sectors to address urgent issues. It teaches students to appreciate difference and diversity firsthand and enables them to recognize — and then dismiss — stereotypes they may have held about people they had never met. As college students and adults, it is about time that we start paying attention to what is happening around the world, not just around the corner.

  1. New Perspectives To Your Career

This is one of the major influences of studying in a new environment and a system – You understand what are the requirements for a successful career, whether international or not depend on your choice, and accordingly, you can make choices. If you’re writing your art history thesis on the Renaissance, get some hands-on research experience studying in Italy. If not an international career, you can always find better options back in your country and put your newfound experiences to good use and make a change.

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