Youth chained by challenges

The youth is the best asset of any country. It is an investment in the human resource which promises astonishing returns. Their goals aspire to inspire the future generations.

1)PEER PRESSURE: The generation gap has widened to an extent that the views of the people of two generations repel each other. The varying interest of the young adults and high expectations of the parents and relatives mar the spirit of growth as a whole.

2)COST OF EDUCATION: Globalization has provided a broader scope for multifarious opportunities in varied fields. This supplements the ambitious youth to conquer the world. However, privatization has increased the effective cost of education. Costly higher education in the private institutes and lack of basic amenities in the government aided educational institutes is a big headache for our young people.

3)DRUGS AND ALCOHOL: Failure, success or broken drugs serve as an easiest escape from life and the struggles related to it. It traps the youth in a vicious circle. Thus, gradually declining their potential which results in a troublesome life.

4)SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST: In this competitive world the youngsters are unable to get the course of their choice as too many of them are competing for the same course. It leads to unhappiness and frustration. Even if they manage to get into a college of their choice, come out with excellent marks, armed with a professional degree, they find it difficult to get a job. Their dreams get shattered when at every step they face corruption, nepotism and find the less deserving getting jobs.

5)BEING VULNERABLE TO THE POLITICS: The youth become victims of political parties and end up ruining their lives. It adds to their disillusionment with the elders and politicians. In the absence of any real models to emulate they feel lost and confused. The fear and the apprehensions about their uncertain future often results in mass agitation.

6)In a vast country like India the PROBLEM OF EDUCATED UNEMPLOYMENT should not be ignored. The youth, by and large, is more anxious and concerned about its future than how the present treats them. Their fears for a secured future also escalates psychological challenges.

Plausible Solutions

1)Elders need to understand that a little space and trust shown in them will open the doors of the opportunities for the youngsters. At the same time, children need to understand that parents care. There is no harm in learning from their experiences and their wisdom. The initiative to bridge the generation gap should be welcomed open-heartedly by both sides.

2)The government needs to raise the standard of the public educational facilities and provide all the resources for basic learning. Apart from this, a check can be kept on the private educational institutions in the financial terms. Since the development requires skilled workers to progress at a faster pace with utilization of resources in a mindful manner.

3)Youngsters need to understand that life is a rollercoaster and we should accept it as it comes. Going through ups and downs does not mean that the body has to be handed over to be ruined by unrequired products. Everyone should learn to grow through, whatever they go through. Youth does make mistakes by approaching such unwanted means by their choice but all that matters is how you rectify your mistakes and move forward looking towards new achievements in life.

4)Employment shall be based purely on merit. The youth shall look forward to giving their constant efforts while working and keep their hopes high to achieve success.

5)The authorities while trying their best to introduce various schemes for development shall strive to fulfill them through proper actual implementation. Also, they shall not make false promises and mislead the youth.

6)Nation’s progress must be directed towards sustainable development. The government shall take new initiatives to develop all the sectors of the economy which would assure more opportunities for employment and encourage the youth to work for the nation in order to make a better place to live in.

To build a prosperous nation, it is important for the youth to develop to their full potential and contribute to development. The nation must recognise and sort to resort to the problem encountered by the youth while catering their needs to develop.


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