Why newspaper reading is important

Reading newspaper helps the students to develop an open an critical mind, it helps to learn something new everyday and slow down aging. Reading newspaper can enhance students creativity.

Reading of newspaper has lots of benefits newspaper provide information and general knowledge  reading newspaper is a good habit for everyone. Especially for students it will widen up there outlook an enrich students knowledge. It also strengths vocabulary, makes learning more fun students can useful ideas for project work.

Newspaper is the most important part of our lives as it provides lots of information about what is happening around us and around the globe. Reading newspaper is healthy activity for students as it is the best source of providing good reading ability which also helps students in becoming active learner. Along with the reading skill it also helps to improve the writing skill.

students can get information about numerous topics these can help them take part in active debate’s, discussion and speeches, students with rich knowledge about different topics can easily speak with people without hesitation. This will make them confident and they can easily strike a conversation.

without newspaper the young generation may never get exposed to the social issues happening around the world the issues that have been affecting communities or people across the globe.

As of now all of you know that what are the benefits of newspaper, make sure that you keep update your self everyday.


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