How to get Verified Blue Tick on Threads?

How to get Verified Blue Tick on Threads?

With Threads becoming the next biggest social media platform, there are many people who are relatively curious as to the type of features that Twitter’s biggest contender offers. One similar common question amongst users is whether the platform lets them get their account verified and how they can go about doing so.

Threads allow you to verify your account, and there are a relative number of reasons why you should go about doing so. still, there has been a fair bit of curiosity among users as to how they can go about verifying their account on the new social media. Let’s discuss how to get verified Blue Tick on Threads app.

How to get Verified Blue Tick on Threads?

Hence, we will guide you through the steps that you need to follow in order to get your account verified on Threads

To get your account verified and get a blue tick on Threads In order to have a verified account on your new social media platform thread, here are a few steps you need to follow

1) Create an Instagram account

As this is a new social media account from an Instagram extension,  you’ll need to have an Instagram account to use it. Instagram will also need to be present on your Android and iOS bias in order to do the utmost for your account and get verified on the new platform.

2) Apply to verify your account

You’ll automatically be verified on Threads also if you’re formerly verified on Instagram. For those users who are not verified, you’ll need to apply for Meta Verified. To be able to do so, you’ll have to open Instagram on your device and also make your way to the Meta Accounts Center. Click on to the Account Settings, then click on the “Meta Verified” option.

3) Set up your Two-Factor Authentication

The next step will be to set up your account’s security details on the platform. The first thing to do would be to set the Two-Factor Authentication, which can be done with the help of Google Authenticator, an easier way of doing it would be with the help of your phone number. Hence, the system you pick should be grounded on your preferences.

4) Corroborate your documents

To get your account verified on the new platform, you’ll also need to upload evidence of citizenship or an authorized ID issued by your state’s government. These IDs will be one of the following

  1. Any verified State ID,
  2. Any verified Country ID Passport
  3. Passport
  4. Driver’s License

During the verification process, and upload a scan of one of these IDs. This will be the last step of the process from your side

5) Wait for verification

After you have completed all the way in “ Meta Verified ” you’ll have no other option but to stay for verification. This might take many days’ time, but if everything is in order, you’ll get your own verified account on Threads.

It’s a enough good idea to try and have a verified account on it if you’re looking to be relatively active on Meta’s new social media platform. Not only will it give you with authenticity and credibility, but also brand recognition by allowing you to have a much better reach. You’ll also be able to tap into special features reserved for verified accounts, while at the same time having better account security and profile protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many followers are required to get verified?

Instagram does not have any limit required for the number of followers you require to have before you can apply for verification.

Tricks to get verified on Threads?

There is no trick to get verified on Threads. You either have to provide evidence to Meta that you’re a person (or brand) of public interest, or you can subscribe to Meta Verified to get a blue tick on Threads.

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