Top Demanding Skills in India in 2022 : A LinkedIn Study

The labor market is always evolving, and under the current conditions, a new item hardly has time to get off the ground before being replaced by something else. The job market is in a perpetual state of change as a result of the alarming regularity with which changes in technology, software, digital space, business, and other areas are seen. Therefore, it is even more crucial for prospective employees to understand which abilities companies are seeking for and to apply those skills to effectively land that job position. So which are the top demanding skills in India that you should learn?

top demanding skills in India in 2022

The Skills Evolution report lists the top 10 emerging abilities, while the Future of Skills 2022 data highlights the top emerging skills across popular jobs and industries. Both reports are based on member skills data from LinkedIn’s 92 million Indian members. According to LinkedIn, skill sets for employment have changed by about 25% globally during the last five years, and they are predicted to change by 41% by 2025.

These skill evolution studies looked the member skill data and determined the top 10 skills that have seen development in the Indian employment sector since 2021. Along with that, the study looked at the skills that Indian professionals added to their LinkedIn profiles in 2021 as well as the skills that will be in demand in 2022.

What are the top 10 demanding skills in India in 2022?

According to LinkedIn, skills have changed on average by 41.6% for Corporate Services in India since 2015. The top 10 demanding skills that India’s job sector will need most in the near future are listed below:

1. Business Development

2. Marketing

3. Sales & Marketing

4. Engineering

5. SQL

6. Sales

7. Java

8. Sales Management

9. Azure

10. Spring Boot

It should be emphasized that since 2015 and continuing into this year, skills like business development and SQL have been among the most in-demand skills. However, it is also interesting to note that many of the skills are recent innovations.

According to studies, 286 million skills were added to user profiles on LinkedIn, and up to 45% of employers use this information to determine whether an applicant is a suitable fit for the position. The rise over the previous year is 13%.

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