Top 5 Turn Ons And Turn Offs For Boys

Top 5 Turn Ons And Turn Offs For Boys

You’re at a party and a sexily dressed girl catches your eye. You don’t know her but you’d love to. Serendipity does it, and your friend happens to introduce you to her. The ball is in your court now! Make the right moves and sweep her off her feet or resort to the wrong and turn into a laughing stock. What would you do in such a situation? Calm down! The best is at your rescue! Go make her want you!

Who doesn’t want to attract the opposite sex? Tell me I am wrong! Which girl does not want to impress the dashing guy sitting right opposite to her? On the other hand, I am sure any sensible guy would not want to make a boo-boo of himself, especially standing in front of a ravishingly beautiful looking girl.

Giving the right vibes might seem like a herculean task but there are certain tricks that work for everyone.

We have already discussed the top 5 turn offs and turn off for girls, and ladies, this is now your time to listen up. Here we go.

Top 5 Turn Ons For Boys

#1 Smart is always sexy! Guys like smart and intelligent girls. And for a lot of boys, nerdy girls are really, really appealing. They hate butterflies, and yappa – yapping bimbos. Guys also like when the girl knows what to say. A little bit of wit is always the cherry on the cake! Why do you think they like older women, anyway? Dirty talking is always a safe bet.

# 2 Let the eyes do the talking Let guys not admit it, but an eye contact always does wonder. Look for the right moment and catch his attention and let your eyes lead you two to an extremely expressive conversation. And if you have big pretty eyes, what are you waiting for, girl?

# 3 A little show is better than too much show You love to leave him wanting for more, don’t you? Don’t wear clothes that are revealing over the top. A little show of the thigh is always better than bare legs. Men tend to crave more. Go girl, use your imagination! Tempt the desperate man!

# 4 Wear it right *I hope we are on the same page*. Yes girl! The lingerie does matter. For them It has to be sexy and, bold. You can play with colours but black is where every guy’s heart lies. Go naughty! Go creative!

# 5 Wet Hair A girl right out of the shower drying those wet tresses of hers is every guy’s ultimate fantasy. Making him live his dream wouldn’t be a bad idea, so to speak.

And don’t you forget to put on that amazing smile of yours!

Top 5 Turn Offs For Boys

# 1 Clingy texting He likes you, you like him. Alright! Why do you need to type all that, all the time? Give him a break. Stop reminding him that you love him all the time. Getting too mushy over texts is a turn off!

# 2 Crying and cribbing Complaining about that bitch you hate, or crying over your spoilt nail paint is something you should limit to telling your bestfriend. Because we all know that even though a guy might pretend to listen, he frankly couldn’t care less.

# 3 Miss Stinky Oh for heavens sake wear a cologne! Use a deodorant!

# 4  Miss Touch-Me-Not Come on! Its pretty obvious that you’re interested in him. Deep down inside you want him to hold you. Stop acting like you don’t like what he is doing. Stopping him, especially in the middle of everything, can leave him extremely bugged. Instead, be clear from the very beginning.

# 5 Pathetic Dressing Sense Not only girls but also guys notice the clothes you wear. Every guy expects a girl to have a good taste in fashion. You don’t know about this but guys even notice your chipped off or undone nail polish. They don’t like it! Also unkept hair, you get me?


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