Top 10 Quirks of an Engineering Student

It is that time of the year again. Starry eyed students, after having grilled through two years of coaching & written numerous entrance exams, will finally join college! Their excitement is uncontained. For every kind of college, there are various pre-fixed mindsets with which a student enters. And for some (very obvious) reasons, engineering colleges seem to have the longest list of stereotypes floating around.

Here is an attempt at collating the various experiences that hit you when you join an engineering college.

1. OMG! Those categories actually exist! You are now clearly able to differentiate between the nerds (a large fraction) & the hipsters, the Debsoc kids & the sports jocks. You’ll often question your existence here.

Top 10 Quirks of an Engineering StudentDo you even belong in this place?

…wait, are you sure you even entered the right college?

2. So, college has begun. Quickly, people begin settling into their respective groups. Societies hold orientations and make you dream about that exciting college life that lies ahead for you.

 Top 10 Quirks of an Engineering Student

“When are the mid-sem exams starting?”

“In a week.”

“Chal GoT ka naya episode dekhte hai.”

3. The eve of exam week arrives. After noticing how the prep week (mysteriously) vanished with you finishing a GoT & Breaking Bad double marathon just in time, you see hordes of people desperately pulling all-nighters around you.

Top 10 Quirks of an Engineering StudentThe night before the exam is pretty horrifying. 3 hours to go, (only) half the syllabus left.

What to leave? What not to leave? Words of your great grandfathers now bellow in your ears…

Life’s a race against time, beta”

4. With an hour or two of sleep stolen, you tend to give up eventually and begin setting up higher life goals for next semester.

Top 10 Quirks of an Engineering StudentAgle sem pakka phod dunga!

5. When you leave the exam hall, there are two kinds of people you distinctly observe.

The dejected ones can’t believe they couldn’t attempt that ONE question correctly.

The happy ones can’t believe they could attempt ONE question correctly…

Top 10 Quirks of an Engineering Student6. There’s always that one hostler turning up to class in pajamas after staying up all night playing CS/Dota with his friends, most of whom decided to skip the day.

You begin to wonder how your friends could do this to you…

Et tu, Ollie?!

7. Those mornings that you decided to skip college & laze around slowly accumulate and crawl up to you in the form of the ‘short attendance, get detained’ monster…

8. That girl to boy ratio isn’t a myth. It reminds you of why you didn’t take up that Psychology course in DU instead. Well, now that you’ve made the sacrifice to stay abstinent for four long years, you might as well make the most of it…

Bhai, French exchange students aaye hai aaj!”

“Abey **** ye bata kitni ladkiya hai?!”

9. Then comes the most exciting time of the year – that long awaited You see all kinds of people and the girl-to-boy ratio suddenly hits the roof! This is what you waited for all year.

You boast to your school friends of how that certain international celebrity would be coming to your college…

10. After a long semester of (not) amazing mess food, you pack your bags for home. A long summer vacation awaits you. That long list of to-do things you made while giving entrance exams finally comes into the picture…

Internship? Shows? Movies? Coding?

Or simply that those guitar classes you’d long hoped for?

All said and done, engineering teaches us, in an unforgettable journey of 4 years, important life lessons and provides us with memories to cherish. After this roller–coaster ride of mixed emotions, we leave, armed to deal with all sorts of situations, come what may!

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