The little things in life

Relax. You will become an adult. You will figure out your career. You will find someone who loves you. You have a whole lifetime; time takes time. The only way to fail at life is to abstain  – Johanna de Silentio

It just dawned on me how important it is to value the ‘little things’ in life that we all tend to forget in the process of growing up; for one day, we may realize that the little things were the big things that we took for granted.

Here are a few ‘old school’ things we all should start indulging in this year.

1. Love Yourself.

No, it clearly does not mean counting the number of likes on your photoshopped profile picture and being unintentionally mistaken for calling your mere crave for attention as happiness. You DO NOT need the world to make you happy. Understand that. Go out, spend time alone with yourself, shop alone, gift yourself something, enjoy your own company, be yourself, fall in love with yourself. Master the art, it is beautiful.

2. Spend Quality Time With Your Family.

Come on, skip whatever plans you have with your friends and chill with your Dadi instead. Read her some of her favourite Urdu couplets, have chai with your mom while she continuously talks about some weird daily soap masala. Let her, be a good listener. It will be fun, I promise.

3. Put Yourself Out There.

No more waiting for the right time. Grab every opportunity you want to and make the best of it. You know you can nail it, put yourself out there and let the world know it. Always remember, a chance is a really terrible thing to waste.

4. Do Nothing.

Slow down. Enjoy the void. Interact with silence. Love solitude. It helps.

5. Not Everything Is Your Fault.

Or mine. Or his. Or hers. Sometimes things fail to make sense and you just can’t do anything about it. Stop freaking out. Let go. Embrace the weirdness of life, my friend.

6. Explore, Just Explore.

Travel as much as you want to, discover new places, eat a lot, click random pictures, meet new people, value the beauty of nature. Explore, there are stories waiting for you.

7. Look at those stars, please!

I literally beg you to take some time out to gaze at those tiny little stars in the sky. There is something way too fascinating about them, trust me, they make you FEEL something.

8. Time Heals All.

Sometimes it serves us absolutely no benefit to hold on to things or people that no longer bring us joy. Make room for hurt and rejection. In time, the pain shall subside. Smile instead, it will kill them.

9. Unplug Yourself.

Limit your time on social media, discover yourself. Let yourself become totally disconnected from the world and understand that time moves on regardless, that you are okay by yourself. You just need yourself in the end, the world sucks anyway.

10. Read, Talk and Write

Read more books. Talk a lot. Just speak your heart out. Write what you feel, write a letter to someone, express your feelings. Read, talk and write, Period.


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