The Impact of COVID-19 on students learning.

        The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced uncertainty into major aspects of national and global society, including for schools. For example, there is uncertainty about how school closed last year had impacted student achievement and studies, as well as how the rapid conversion of schools into an online platform this academic year has continued to affect student’s achievement and their studies. Without data on how the virus impacts student learning, making informed decisions about whether and when to return to in-person instruction remains difficult and becoming problematic for students who are in their last years of college.

During this pandemic all the Teachers and schools all over the world are currently using an innovation mindset to find creative new ways for children to learn at home. But at the mean time college and various universities are taking the same amount of fees and other charges for the E-Learning equipment’s like PDF’S, Amount of knowledge that we can easily get in google and Wikipedia, Video graphics that can easily be available in YouTube and other sites.  We know that children have a great opportunity to think about their learning outside the four walls of the classroom but Can they use online resources to start learning a new language or coding program? That’s definitely a no because learning in person and learning online are totally different and opposite to each other the very first demerit of learning online is the inability to focus on screens for a long period, there is also a great chance for the students to get distracted easily with social media or other sites. Therefore, it is imperative for the teachers to keep their online classes crisp, engaging and interactive to help students stay focused on the lesson and therefore many children lack in learning new things during online classes. Another key challenge of online classes is the connectivity issues as we all know that now also in smaller cities and town, a consistent connection with a decent speed is a problem and because of which there can be a lack of continuity in the learning for the child and may cause uncertainty in education process. As we all know that Students can learn a lot from being in the company of their peers. However, in an online class, there is minimal physical interactions between students and teachers. This often results in a sense of isolation for the students and sometimes may cause depression.

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown of schools and colleges are not only hampering students’ academic results but it is also effecting their over all development. In a survey it was found that students were experiencing heightened depression and anxiety. Around 15% of the students reportedly had moderately severe depression, whereas 18.1% were severely suffering from anxiety. It is expected that both the government and universities are coming forward to fix the academic delays and financial problems to reduce depression and anxiety among university students and hopefully after post covid everything normalize so that we all can enjoy our life. At this critical period, the open-source digital learning and learning management system could be adopted by the institutional teachers to conduct online learning to ensure the development of the skills and employability and the productivity of the young minds and at the  meantime universities should also decrease their fees so that it should not become a burden for those families who have lost their jobs or an important member or soul earner of the family.


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