Satellite Area of Ahmedabad: A Modern Paradise- 5 Important Details You Need to Know!

Overview about Satellite Area of Ahmedabad!

Satellite Area of Ahmedabad: Modern Neighborhood with World Class Facilities – 5 Interesting Highlights

Satellite Area of Ahmedabad: Modern Neighborhood with World Class Facilities - 5 Interesting Highlights

The Satellite area of Ahmedabad is a highly developed and industrial neighborhood of the city. It comprises some of the major industrial firms, food joints and is considered one of the most prosperous localities of Ahmedabad. This neighborhood is very efficient in terms of the implementation of the public service characteristics such as recreational activities, safety measures, hospitals, clinics, sanitation facilities and public administration. It is also truly interesting to observe how the area is named after a scientific element, rarely could one observe such a thing in other cities or towns of today. In addition, the vast expansion of this western Ahmedabad neighborhood paved the path towards the steady industrialisation of other neighborhoods such as Prahladnagar, Sindhu Bhavan Road and Billionaire’s Street near the highway.

The people residing in this neighborhood take up recreational activities in their leisure time. The recreational activities include visits to amusement parks, visits to the cinema halls for watching movies, gathering at fancy restaurants and food joints with friends and family and a stroll in the public parks and gardens.

Satellite has many public parks and gardens for recreational activities, some of these include AUDA gardens constructed by the government, Varahi Public Park and so on.

This neighborhood is also quite efficient in the educational facilities. Some of the well known schools in this neighborhood include the R.H. Kapadia High School, A-One High School, H.B. Kapadia High School, etc.

The level of safety in this neighborhood is very high, since most of the families residing over here are from prosperous and upper middle class to upper class populations only take up this neighborhood as a permanent settlement location.

Healthcare services in Satellite

Talking about the healthcare facilities, there are some of the most advanced hospitals and clinics which provide world class treatment facilities with a highly qualified staff of doctors and medical personnel who are devoted to serving quality treatment with the most advanced technologies. Some of the super speciality hospitals include Shalby Hospital, Sangini Hospital and Concept Neuro and Spine care hospital.

With the transformation of this neighborhood from a residential one to a commercial one, the cleanliness and hygiene maintenance measures became even more stringent.

For instance, the area near the hospitals and schools and the offices is maintained and cleaned on a regular basis and a high level of sanitation is maintained here. But, at the same time, the residential apartments and buildings lack in sanitation and cleanliness measures at times due to a lack of administration at the society level.

Satellite area is also known as the food hub of Ahmedabad as it comprises major restaurants and food joints of the city including fancy coffee bars, food truck parks and street food stalls. If you ever feel like snacking on some spicy food such as Chinese or street food such as Bhel, Sev Puri, Pani Puri then you are up for a treat in Satellite. In the old days, when the western suburbs of Ahmedabad were still expanding, it was truly a luxury to settle in the Satellite area and buy a housing property there. The concept of eating late at night while enjoying a smooth drive on the wide roads was introduced after the Satellite area was developed. Several interesting local food joints of the city including New Freeze Land, Choice Snack Bar, Jashuben’s Old Pizza, Danny’s Coffee Bar, Shambhu’s Coffee all originate from this area and have now become household names in the city. The fascination of trying different cuisines and dishes emerged from this area in Ahmedabad this is the primary reason why Ahmedabad is considered the city that is crazy about food and one can easily find anything to eat at any given time of the day or night here.

Entertainment and Recreational Activities in Satellite

Some of the best cinema theatres and multiplexes are also housed in this area, which include City Gold, Wide Angle, Cine Max and so on. Situated in close proximity to commercial centers, IT hubs, educational institutions and entertainment zones, this area is truly ideal for those individuals who are looking for housing in a posh industrial area without experiencing any hassles in finding good educational institutions for their children and also avail good healthcare services! In terms of healthcare, this area is highly reliable since it houses some of the best medical institutions with world class amenities.

Connectivity in Satellite

In terms of connectivity, the Satellite area is a common link for most locations in Ahmedabad. If one wishes to go to a particular location in Ahmedabad, regardless of the road they choose, they have to cross the Satellite area to reach their destination. This is how this area is linked to almost every part of Ahmedabad single-handedly.

It is therefore easier for residents of this area to reach their respective destinations without any sort of hassles or any issues in terms of commuting. All important modes of transportation are also easily available in this area such as the Bus Rapid Transport System (BRTS), Local Buses, Metro, Auto Rickshaws and Taxis/Cab Rentals.

Hygiene and Health Standards in Satellite

In terms of hygiene, this area is highly maintained and is cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. One could easily observe this by noticing the clean roads, and well maintained drainage systems. This area has reported the least number of mosquito breeding cases and incidence of cases of malaria, typhoid, cholera or other viral or bacterial infections. With multiple hygiene checks and spraying of antibacterial medications on the road and in the air, this area has managed to become one of the most hygienic areas of Ahmedabad with limited cases of diseases.

Industrial Development in Satellite

Talking about industrialisation in Satellite, this area managed to attract office spaces for several reputed multinational corporations such as Deloitte, Apple, Samsung, LG, Nike, Adidas, Reebok and so on. Simply name the brand and you could find the showroom/store easily in this area. With a sprawling skyline and emergence of multi-storeyed high rise buildings with modern architecture, the area appears no less than the beautiful skylines of New York City or Times Square for that matter!


All in all, the Satellite area of Ahmedabad is a locality that is ideal for settlement for the local population as well as those looking for residences in a posh locality that offers good connectivity to medical facilities, educational institutions and transportation services. In addition, being a food hub and offering a variety of street food delicacies and delicious cuisines along with well maintained and hygiene environments, this area is a delight and dream location for the modern populations! It is only after witnessing the several offerings of this locality, that you could make up your mind regarding settlement in this area and enjoy its beauty and aesthetic!



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