Peek into DU: Kalindi College

Established in 1967, Kalindi College is amongst one of the finest colleges within the University of Delhi, imparting higher education to young women in India. Kalindi’s nourishing environment is supported by a combination of competent infrastructure and a dedicated teaching faculty that helps the students to achieve the highest accolades in Academics, Sports, and other Extra-Curricular Activities.

Aa jaao Kalindi Kalindi!

West Delhi it is! The nearest metro station is Rajindra Place which lies close to the Food Bus Of India (yes, that giant Red Bus is our savior when we’re hungry!). The area is home to countless cafes, restaurants, and offices. Do you know what that means? Opportunities abound!

Peek into DU: Kalindi College

Infrastructure & Facilities

Kalindi college campus is one of the best innovated and planned among Delhi NCR. The campus of Kalindi college does not only have greeneries but also college-created theme parks for students’ recreational purposes. Students can sit and enjoy some private time in the Kalindi College Premises’ Rock Garden, Butterfly Park, Buddha Park, Saraswati Park, and August Kranti Park. These parks are beautifully decorated with lush greeneries giving the students a well-maintained environment for academic persuasion.

Four academic blocks of Kalindi is well equipped with LCD screens and Projectors to give a modern education experience to the students. The Journalism Department of Kalindi College is also equipped with all required modern facilities such as Production Control Room (PCR). Availability of PCR in Kalindi College gives the journalism students a higher hand in learning the subjects with in-depth knowledge developed by the practical hands-on experience. The computer labs in Kalindi College is well equipped with LAN and running internet connectivity for students.

Science block has seen recent renovation and incorporation of a museum of Zoology and Botany. The campus is built on 9 acres of land at Patel Chawk East, New Delhi, Kalindi gives students an enjoyable time under the festivities of academics in the college.

The college has a well-stocked library with a collection of over 76,090 books on different disciplines to cater to the academic and recreational requirements of the users in their field of study. The library subscribes to 83 national and international journals/magazines and 13 Newspapers. Web center and spacious reading room for consultation purposes provide an atmosphere conducive to study, a newly constructed Sports Utility Centre has a Sports Room, Gym, Judo and Yoga Room, Table Tennis Room, Changing Room, Auditorium, Seminar Rooms, and Amphitheatre, cyber Centres, which are air-conditioned and equipped with all the latest software, UPS, Printers, etc., Special Needs Facilities, Bank and ATM Facilities and useful laboratories – These include Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Computer Science, Music, Journalism, Geography and B.Voc Labs.

Hostel facilities in Kalindi College are not there currently but Kalindi College is working to provide the best security to the students coming from North-Eastern states. As one of the most vulnerable sections, North Eastern students are often a victim of physical bullying in Delhi. To counter that problem a hostel for north-eastern students in Kalindi College is being set up which will be able to accommodate 250 students.

Kalindi College has a well-equipped canteen. It provides quality food at reasonable prices. There is a Nescafe counter and 6 canopies along with the canteen. The atmosphere of the canteen is hygienic and soothing. Transportation is very convenient. Kalindi is set up at East Patel Nagar which is a prominent metro station of Blue Line of DMRC. Kalindi College tuition fees are set at one of the most affordable rates.


Talking with students at Kalindi, the major takeaway is that academics is a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. The college offers a range of Undergraduate courses:

B.A. English (Hons)
B.A. Hindi (Hons)
B.A. Sanskrit (Hons)
B.A. Journalism (Hons)
B.A. History (Hons)
B.A. Geography (Hons)
B.A. (Programme)
B.A. Economics (Hons)
B.A. Political Science (Hons)
B.Com. (Hons)
B.Com (Programme)
B.Sc.(Prog.) Life Sciences
B.Sc. Mathematics (Hons)
B.Sc.(prog.) Physical Sciences
B.Sc(Hons.) Computer Science
B.Sc.(Hons.) Physics
B.Sc(Hons.) Botany
B.Sc(Hons.) Chemistry
B.Sc(Hons.) Zoology


Kalindi College has instituted as many as 42 scholarships which are given to students who fulfill the criteria of Academic Performance along with active participation in Extracurricular Activities. Some of these include:


Special Cells

In its quest to embrace the rich diversity within its student body, Kalindi College has developed a system of support for students with special educational needs, providing them with trained and structured assistance in achieving academic as well as personal success.

– Transgender Cell (newest)
– DR. B.R. Ambedkar Study Center
– ECO Club
– Equal Opportunity Cell
– Gandhi Study Circle
– IBSD Committee
– North East, Frontier and Foreign Students Cell
– SC/ST Cell
– Woman’s Development Center
– Entrepreneurship, Skill Development, and Innovation Cell

ECA: Watch us!

Students’ union, under the guidance of respective advisors, runs 20 cultural clubs ranging from Arts, Music, Dance, and Literature in the college.

– Debating Society: Mantarna
– One-Act Play: Aghaaz
– Street Play: Raqs
– Music Club
– Antakshari
– Nupur Dance
– Sanskrit Tarangini
– Fashion-is-ta
– Media Club
– Graffiti
– Creative Writing (English)
– Of Muses and Bards (English Poetry)
– Mehendi Club
– Paint and Brush Club
– Rangoli
– Aerogya
– Ivory (College Band)

The purpose of the participation of students in cultural activities is to enhance their interpersonal skills and confidence. The college has designated one hour every week for Cultural- Club activities. Each student joins at least one of the clubs which is mandatory. All teachers are involved in the successful functioning of these clubs. Throughout the year, numerous Intra and inter-college activities are conducted under the banner of these clubs. The objectives of these clubs are:

• Holistic development of students
• Experience team spirit, leadership, time management
• Enhance thought process and communication skills

Lehren, the inter-college cultural festival of Kalindi College started in 1993. For the first time, it was held in January 1993. There on it has got so much enthusiasm and publicity among students, that with every passing year it has grown bigger and more vibrant. This Event is a major activity that is planned and executed by the Student Union under the guidance of college staff. It gives great opportunity and exposure to students to showcase their diverse talents.

Lehren today is the most awaited function by the students in Kalindi. It gives a big platform for grooming the various aspects of the students. Different competitive events are a part of Lehren and are participated in with great sportsmanship and vigor.

What do students say about their college?

“During pandemic our teachers always strived to provide us with the best education with their guidance and support through regular online classes, excellent study material & previous year question paper practice sessions. The environment of the college is very soothing & friendly. The relationship between the seniors and juniors is commendable.” – Rashi Akanksha, 1st year, Journalism Honors.

“A place filled with auspicious ability, bold voices, and flourishing greenery; Kalindi College is a hidden marvel. Consisting of a spectacular faculty, character-building academics, and a feel of Delhi’s Street food, its small campus emanates a cozy vibe where the students feel like family. Marked with marquee fests and engaging societies, it’s a delight to be a part of. The clinching argument, however, is the nearby Jheel Park that provides for a break from the buzzing amongst the zealous crowd.” – Vrinda Singh, 1st year, English Honors.


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