Understanding the Significance of Paradise in Life: Tracing the True Existence of Life in 3 Interesting Ways!

Decoding True Meaning of Paradise of Existence!

Paradise of Existence Understood Interestingly!

Understanding the significance of Paradise in Life: Tracing the Existence of Life in 3 Major Ways!

People claim that real paradise and true bliss is residing amongst your loved ones and in such an edifice where you can experience the royalty of the world and its temptations. That location which is beneficial for your image and your dignity. Those huge skyscrapers, those massive flyovers and those never ending booms and beeps of recreating wellness and comfort and pleasure for your narcissistic state of mind! In cherishing that one sided bliss that the materialistic mentality provides us with, we tend to forget the true meaning of life and our existence as a soul on this Earth. The true existence of Ours is satisfied and quenched upon the knowledge of the separatism of the outer body and the inner soul. The calm caress and the peace and serenity one experiences upon residing for some moments of this precious birth is what is termed as true bliss.. Understanding the significance of the nature as our birth giver, our pious Mother and we as its offsprings makes us introspect within the core and ask ourselves, “Is it truly respect, dignity, my image, my possessions, my wealth, my pride and my intelligence what I truly aspire for? This question which seems quite simple and vague with reference to our current situations and our own varied methods to live a happy life. Yet if we think over it repeatedly by applying the technique of ‘brainstorming’, commonly known as straining the mind with different perspectives and ideas about a single topic at hand, we would simply look down upon ourselves and consider our current life and its infinite demands, we would crave and long for immediate aid of the Nature! Nature is the only cure for all medical difficulties and a sort of uneasiness one experiences physically and mentally amidst the infinite thunderstorms and turbulences of a man’s ‘created’ world. Have you ever slept for the entire night beneath the sparkling spotlight of the beautiful stars of the Sky? Have you ever experienced the warm caress of the smooth and tranquil grasses? Have you ever just experienced the swift flowing ripples of water in the Oceans by lying afloat on it? Have you ever danced like a maiden of the ballet performers on stage whenever the heavenly brink of showers descends with the grand orchestra of the thunders? Have you ever slept beneath the shade of a mammoth like tree and cherished the symphony of the chirping birds? Trult, I believe that none of us have answers to these questions.. Gone are the days when we longed to bathe in those serene showers, gone are the days when we craved for those aromatic heaps of mud and how as innocent infants we used to dream of consuming them to pamper our senses with that nectar.. Also, we have forgotten to utilize our knowledge of origami and make beautiful and creative paper models like boats and lay them in the puddles and jump on those puddles not caring about the subsequent dirt which followed.. Did we truly accept thorns of selflishness and aggression as our fate??

Purpose behind Existence: Paradise Explained

The divine sculptor sighs over this catastrophic sight and sheds his crystals in the hope of reliving those glaxed and blurred visions of calmness and composture. If we imagine ourselves to be at the peak of our careers and imagining each passing stranger to salute us and anticipating that they would look down to themselves by being burdened under our achievements and each single penny we spend would make us prosper and just more possessed. But, is it all that you aspire for? Don’t you realize that once your mind would get habituated of the satisfying tendency of yours of each commencing demand, it would simply indulge in placing infinite desires and your entire life would go meaningless.. I mean did you just come on this Earth to cherish all your desires and prove the world of your success by reaching at the zenith of it? Standing at that peak, you would soon feel and perceive your success and your happens to be a myth… You would discover that from that huge peak. People might perceive you to be a mammoth but in reality you yourself would feel like an Ant! Your mindset and your perception of observing things would be quite irrelevant when looking towards it from the holistic perspective of the entire Universe! In the urge of grabbing each aspect of success we forget to understand our identity and we camouflage into a completely person unaware of bliss, happiness, peace and composed nature…

Is Nature truly a paradise of existence?

By being in the lap of Nature, I do not simply expect each being to practice Yoga or Pranayam as a healing technique or something to maintain positivity in life or not even giving up all acidic and hot natured appetites and shift to cool and tasteless natural products.. What I truly aspire is to make this World a better place to live in. We all possess a plethora of love and compassion within our souls, it is just that one spark of realization that we require to uncover the cache of our soul and its virtues! Our outer body greatly obstructs us to be just one of our own kind and express our grounded and composed attitude to the world.. It is also not the paucity of our affinity to acquire such positive virtues, it is just sheer laziness and a sort of egoistic attitude which is the barrier to all cures.. Do you really wish to introduce your offspring to this scorched planet with its infinite ironies and tragedies which would compel them to slurp the venom of loneliness and depression for their entire life? It would simply infer you to be the source of torture and harassment of your child! It would rather seem to abort the child in the womb itself and not let it die despite of possessing senses and showing a sign of being alive by bringing it on the Earth.

The Essence of Existence Understood: Decoding True Paradise

With these flickering black and white screens just within the nearest radius of our vision, we are reticently killing and destroying all lamps of inspiration and humanity.. These flickering screens would survive the storms of struggles and competitiveness and arrive anew with a refreshed and updated version of themselves but it would be us being entangled and binded within the shackles of its demands and the pleasures it gives. That devil of speech and actions residing within each one of us speaks up and gets triggered even during short lived conflicts and misunderstandings which eventually are all indications of elderly concerns about us… When will this craving and craziness about these dumb aspects of pleasures disappear? Is it to live forever or is it just a spark for a forthcoming volcano? When would we cease disrupting our memory and mind’s creativity by getting subjugated under the reign of these non living ‘aliens’! Is the life you’re currently living worthwhile? Is it truly you aspired yourself to be one day? The day all these questions trigger the mind to ponder and introspect upon them, you’re a true offspring of Nature..



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