Monsoon And Health

The coming of the monsoon season is Many times met with mixed feelings. While some associate it with caliginous rainfall and cancelled plans, others see it as a season of regeneration and enchantment. With its rhythmic showers, lush flora, and a fresh earthy aroma, thunderstorm casts a magical spell on nature and our senses. Here are some useful tips you can follow:

1. Drinking Boiled or Purified Water During monsoon season, water sources get defiled, and it can make colorful water- borne ailments or infections. Boiling or purifying water before drinking is essential to prevent infections and keep yourself healthy.

2. Avoiding Street Foods Street foods like bhajia, samosas, and vada pav are notorious snacks in monsoon. But these foods are more prone to impurity and can cause stomach infections or food poisoning. thus, it’s best to avoid street foods during monsoon and stick to homemade meals.

3. Keeping Surroundings Clean and Dry Keeping surroundings clean and dry is key to prevent mosquito breeding and the spread of conditions like malaria, dengue, and chikungunya. Ensure there’s no stagnant water around your home, like in flower pots, coolers, or empty vessels.

4. Use Mosquito Repellents Mosquito bites can cause various illnesses; therefore, it’s essential to use mosquito repellents and wear long- sleeved clothes when going outdoors. Use mosquito nets while sleeping.

5. Maintain Personal Hygiene Due to high moisture during the monsoon season, our skin remains wet, which can be a breeding ground for fungi. It’s necessary to maintain personal hygiene and keep the skin dry to avoid fungal infections.

6. Avoid Walking in Floodwaters Walking in floodwaters opens the door to infections and illnesses. Floodwaters may contain dangerous chemicals and bacteria that can affect your health. So it’s best to avoid walking in floodwaters.

 7.Focus on probiotics and vegetables it’s wise to ensure you keep your gut vegetation happy at all times. Take sufficient probiotics like curd, yogurt, etc.

8. Say no to wet shoes it’s nearly impossible to go to work and come back with your shoes clean and dry during the monsoon.However clean them correctly and let them dry fully before you wear them again, else, If your shoes are slush- spattered or drenched. Make sure you have a dry pair of shoes or you can choose for special rubber shoes.


Bonus Tip– According to Ayurveda There are three types of doshas present in our body that is vatta ,kapha, pitta .During the monsoon season the vatta dosha aggravates in our body That is responsible for dryness and coolness in our body  due to which there is joint pain and also make our  skin dull . To balance vatta dosha  it’s important To eat freshly homemade food and also to add right amount of healthy fats and also probiotic foods like buttermilk, Chas, yogurt to keep yourself fit and active to protect yourself from any illness and disease.


The monsoon season, with its rains, lush geographies, and soul- soothing air, is a reason to celebrate the miracles of nature. By taking necessary preventives, embracing the charm of the season, and indulging in rain- soaked delights, we can completely witness the joy that monsoon brings. So let us catch our umbrellas, open our hearts, and enjoy the magic of this alluring season.



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