DU : Implementation of FYUP

Four-year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP)
Delhi University implements FYUP. At the bachelor’s degree level students opting for this course will have an opportunity to earn an honours degree on completing the fourth year of studies. However, students should choose a particular discipline inorder to earn the degree. On Wednesday, K Ratnabeli, dean of academics held orientation for the students to the FYUP curriculum.

DU offers many courses which include single-core discipline programmes, two-core disciplines and multidisciplinary programmes. For example, the single-core discipline, students will get a BA/BSc honours degree after the completion of three years. If they continue for four years, they will have the option of either research with a dissertation, an academic project or entrepreneurship. The degree they will be given will be a BA honours degree with research/academic project/ entrepreneurship.

Accordingly Ratnabeli explained, “At the start of the first semester, students can select one discipline as the major but he/she will have the option for a second discipline (which was previously selected as a non-major discipline) as a major in the third semester (second year). Thereafter, the latter discipline will remain the major discipline throughout,”. “For instance, if a student chooses two courses of economics per semester in the BA Programme, economics will be his major subject. In the seventh and eighth semesters, students will have to study the papers of the major subject (economics in this case).”

Only for the students under the multidisciplinary course, the selection of subjects is different and the degree is similar. After the Dean’s explaination about the process, some students were having queries about the multiple entries and exit options starting this year. Ratnabeli said that lateral entry will be allowed directly for students at the university, others will have to appear for an entrance test. Students were keen to know whether they could pursue two regular degrees at the university. The dean said, “Right now, there is a provision to pursue one online and one regular degree. As for pursuing two regular degree courses, the University Grants Commission is still working on the matter.”



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