Delhi University plans to introduce a four-year undergraduate program in cluster college

The University of Delhi (DU) plans to form a cluster of universities allowing students to choose a four-year undergraduate program from the maximum number of electives.

As part of the four-year undergraduate curriculum. DU will be distribute to a new group of students expect to begin the academic year in November. Allowing students to choose general electives or electives offer by departments other than their parent department. -As part of an additional offer.

In each of the first four semesters. students must choose one of 43 Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) and 24 Value Addition Courses ( VAC). There is another set of courses called the Advanced Education Course (AEC). This course requires the completion of one semester of environmental studies or alternative semesters in which one of the 22 languages on the eighth list of the Constitution can be chose. SEC, AEC, and VAC are two-credit courses requiring two hours of study per week.

An identified problem with the wide choice of university subjects is that no single university has the faculty or resources to offer approved electives to all students.

“The number of teachers is limit… How can you ensure that students benefit from the choices offered while maximizing the use of resources? There is a proposal to organize universities into groups known as knowledge networks. University A in the cluster can qualify for the first 4 SECs. B can qualify for 5, 6, 7, C 21, 22, 23, and so on. There are 43 SECs. Depending on faculty experience and workload, universities may consider these contributing factors and offer different SECs. And if we agree with each other, we can create the same schedule. Since there are only 2 credits, that’s 2 hours per week. You can also have classes on Saturdays. This gives students more opportunities to expand the teaching staff of the university.

He said the university is considering nine university clusters: North, South, East, West, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest and Central.

University have also mandated that all universities offer all 22 Schedule 8 language under the AEC, even if they don’t have faculty. “Offer all 22. Let’s see how many students are willing to accept”. In the absence of registration of teachers and students, the university conducts online classes. If there is a teacher who teaches a language at the nearest university, it can be used,” Ratanabali said.






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