Dear 25 Year Old Me

Do you remember the time when you were in college and had no clue about your future?

Yes, this is the time that I write to you because I feel the need to applaud and motivate my future self.Dear 25 Year Old Me

I have a lot of things to say to you, but you probably know them already. I wouldn’t talk to you about being successful or famous or anything of that sort because that would happen if it has to, I only want you to be happy and live your life. I just want to remind you of the things that I’ve always wanted you to do. So here’s what I have to tell you

  1. Love yourself first – DO NOT let others define you, don’t let them get to you. Make friends, fall in love, have fun, you might even get hurt sometimes, but then get over it! Make yourself your favorite. Don’t let your world rotate around others. Because let’s face it – you were born alone and you’ll die alone, so you also need to learn how to live life by yourself. You need to learn to enjoy your own company and feel happy and confident about yourself.
  1. Take control – Take control of your life, my friend. If by any chance you feel that you are sitting in the wrong place, doing the things that just don’t feel right, take control. Move out. Take decisions for yourself and try to sort your life, please. It might seem difficult to take permanent decisions and you might even feel afraid about regretting things in the future, but don’t let that stop you from doing the things that make you happy. Don’t be impulsive and do something craazzzyyy, but if you don’t feel good about something, sit back, take your time and try to analyse where the problem lies and how you can solve it. You need to learn how to take control of the situations in your life.
  1. Work – I hope, by this time you figure out what you want from life. It doesn’t have to be a long term goal. It could be for the next day, or even for the next hour. But I want you to start working towards it. You’ve been a procrastinator all your life, literally, but now you gotta get your ass off the internet and start working for what you want.
  1. It’s okay to be selfish – I know you want to be good and do good, but, you also need to stand up for yourself. You’ve got to say no and you’ve gotta be selfish at times. The reason behind this is that if you can’t keep yourself happy, how will you make others happy with your presence?
  1. Avoid toxic relationships – If there is anyone in your life who is troubling you, or even if it is a bad friendship, you probably should get out of it. Try to judge people by their intentions and actions, not by their words. Words are easy to use, but actions speak louder than words. People will tell you a lot of things, but only a few will actually prove that they mean what they say. It is you who decides whom to be with. Sometimes, holding on to things hurts more than letting go. You might miss them in the beginning, but you’ll only realise later that leaving them out of your life was the best decision you could take.
  1. Learn from the past – We humans are stupid beings, we either live in the past or in the future, we never live in the moment. Stop regretting the bad decisions of your past, stop obsessing over them. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Move forward, always. It is good to remember to memories and mistakes of the past so that you can learn from them, but don’t let the past spoil your present.
  1. Live – You have only one life, and you should enjoy it to the fullest. Now, living doesn’t only mean going out all the time and partying. I just want you to enjoy every moment of whatever you are doing. Even if you’re reading a book, even if you’re dancing in the rain, even if you’re sipping your morning coffee, enjoy what you have. Be grateful for all that you have, it is human nature to never be satisfied, but we can be happy if we choose to.

Sweetheart, just do what you love, be happy with what you have and always look forward to a brighter day with hope and motivation to work harder and live better. That’s all I have to say to you. I am reminded of one of Hannah Montana’s song’s lyrics “Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it right”

So go on, make it right!

– Vipasha, Editorial


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