CUET 2022 Results: More candidates are doing well in the social sciences and humanities than in the science

Competition for admission to higher education courses at reputed central universities is likely to be more stringent in the humanities than science subject this year, shows an analysis of the Common University Entrance Test (CUET).

The results, announced Friday, show that the score, after normalization, necessary for finding a spot in the upper percentiles is as high as 92.5% in the case of English, whereas the corresponding percentage for mathematics is 51.5.

In other words, to be in the top percentile, an applicant must have achieved a score a minimum of 185.9 out of 200 (the maximum score for each subject is 200). In English and 103.7 in mathematics. But a clear picture of the admissions race will not emerge. Until institutions like the University of Delhi start admitting students.

The CUET, managed by the National Assessment Agency, was introduce this year as a single gateway examination. To circumvent the high thresholds and grades of the class XII Council. In view of the great diversity in the way in which the various Council assess students,

The results of the CUET show that for the other subjects in the social sciences and humanities. The equivalent score of 95 percentiles is as follows: Historical 165.4 or 82.7 percent; Psychology 190.9 or 95.45 percent; Economy 175.8 or 87.9; Hindi 171.09 or 85.5 percentage. Whereas sociology is an exception with a requirement for 157.4 or 78.7 percent.

The 95-100 percentile requirements for Science subjects are lower.

“If we have to plumb further down (in terms of marks). To find a candidate with 95 percentile in his or her cohort. It means that the paper was tough. If someone figures in the top 5% of her cohort by scoring high marks. Then that paper is relatively easier,” a senior official say.

In Chemistry, the requisite score for 95 percentile is 129.2 or 64.5 percent; Physics 105.05 or 71.3 percent. For Commerce subjects Accountancy and Business Studies, the corresponding scores required are 170.7 or 85.4 per cent and 182.3 or  91.15 per cent respectively.

According to Delhi University Dean (Admissions) Haneet Gandhi, until all students submit their CUET scores and their preferences. It will be hard to gauge what a candidate’s chances for a particular program and college may be.

However, a large number of candidates in the high percentile band generally means a more competitive admission process. One of the justifications behind the introduction of the CUET was the ever soaring cut-offs for admissions to courses in high demand in DU.

English also has the highest number of 100 percentile scorers (8,236 candidates) across all CUET subjects. Fiollowed by Political Science (2057), Business Studies (1660), Biology/Biotechnology (1328), Economics/Business economics (1187), and Psychology (1186).



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