A Playlist to Get You Through Admission Season

When you are looking for your preferred college

  1. “Dil hai chota sa, choti si aasha” – Roja

You have just finished your schooling and are eager to explore every inch of college life. With a bunch of dreams and aspirations you are ready to take on whatever this new phase has to offer.

  1. “ Kya karen kya na karen ye kaisi mushkil haye” – Rangeela

Searching for your desired college can be a difficult task. Should you choose college over course? Or should course be the priority? Every student has to go through these mind boggling questions to find the right fit and hence this song perfectly describes the confusion you face.

When you start applying

  1. “Jab tak hai jaan jaane jahan main naachungi” – Sholay

Going from one college to another, collecting forms, filling them up, sitting for GDs and interviews can drain out your entire energy. This popular number from Sholay will surely give you the motivation required to complete the tedious task of applying to colleges.

When people want to know whether you made it to a specific college

  1. “Koi kahe kehta rahe” – Dil Chahta Hai

As soon as the admission process starts, your papa ke chacha ke foofa ji ke bete will suddenly be interested to know where you’re going to college. But do you let them affect you in any way? No. As Amir Khan from DCH would say, “who cares where the hell we land up? Hit it!”

When you get waitlisted

  1. “Dilbar mere kab tak mujhe aise hi tadpaoge”– Satte Pe Satta

After working so hard, it can be frustrating when a college puts you on their waiting list. You are anxious to know if you made it or not. Lyrics by Gulshan Kumar Mehta and beautifully sung by Kishore Kumar, this song totally understands the yearning you go through.

When you get rejected

  1. “Chhan se jo toote koi sapna”- Om Shanti Om

Dealing with rejection can be hard. The first stage is realization-  when you are saddened by the thought of not getting admission in your desired college and may often find yourself at a dead end.

  1. “Ye kya hua? Kaise hua?” – Amar Prem

The second stage is acceptance. At first you don’t understand how you didn’t make it but once you do, you realize that rejection is part of life and there are plenty of other opportunities that await you. Yet another one of Kishore Da’s all-time hits, this song will give you major ‘feels’.

When you get accepted

  1. “Party toh banti hai”- Bhootnath 2

Getting admitted to your preferred college is a dream come true and therefore your happiness knows no bounds. This definitely calls for a celebration and what better way to party than partying Bachchan style?

When at last your college commences

  1. “Papa kehte hain bada naam karega”– Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

When you finally make it to a good college, there’s no one prouder than your parents. But once you are out in the real world, you have to be independent and make your choices on your own.

  1. “Masti ki paathshala” – Rang De Basanti

In the end, college life is all about chilling with friends and finding your way. There is no song that better describes college life than this popular number.


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