10 Reasons Why Nice Guys Never Get The Girl

Whenever you ask a girl what she wants in a guy she’ll use a lot of words: she’ll rant about how he should love her unconditionally, how he should be compassionate, should have a good job etc. She’ll finish her little speech of sorts by saying that all she wants is a nice guy who makes her happy. But is that always the case? Doesn’t the word ‘nice’ here means something totally different to you than it means to her?

When a guy thinks of the word nice, it usually means having a solid job with a fat paycheque, being able to support a family in the future and above all, being there for her. This is the mistake we guys often make. We don’t really read between the lines and all it gets us is the tag of her ‘best friend’, or a guy who she’ll call when she ‘needs support’.

Here are the 10 reasons why nice guys never get the girl and always end up finishing last.

#1. Nice guys don’t have self respect.

Nice guys don’t respect themselves. They don’t mind making fun of themselves in a hope to seem attractive. They put themselves down most of the times and they don’t care about getting pushed around by other guys.

#2. Nice guys easily agree to everything. 

Nice guys fake being sweet that doesn’t let them voice their opinion, and that causes them to get easily flustered. At other times, they might just end up bottling up their anger that suddenly burst out one day, out of the blue, hurting others and often leaving themselves alone.

#3. Nice guys are needy & insecure.

Nice guys start off as sweet and caring, but end up becoming too needy and insecure in a relationship because they have trust issues. They look for ‘The One’, and every girl they end up dating is their prospective ‘The One’. They feel a change in the forces of the universe if their woman mentions another man.

#4. Nice guys tend to be boring.

The nice guys are never very fun because they don’t like taking risks and always want to play it safe. This quality makes them great friends who can provide good and stable advice about life, but bad boyfriends who are too predictable and boring.

#5. A nice guy isn’t an alpha male. 

A great girl always wants to date a guy who can be in control of his life and gain the respect of his friends. If your friends don’t respect you or listen when you voice your opinions, it’s a sure sign that you’re a nice guy who gets walked over often, even by your ‘friends’.

#6. Nice guys are easy to manipulate. 

Nice guys are easily manipulated because they allow themselves to be manipulated, even if they realise that they’re being manipulated. This can frustrate any girl they’re dating because nice guys almost always end up doing stuff they should not, ultimately compromising the relationship.

#7. Nice guys avoid confrontations.

Nice guys can’t always defend the girl they like and try to resolve any issues by being polite and courteous to even those who don’t deserve it. They never challenge anybody’s views directly. Instead, they try to get their point across through cheeky manipulation which can annoy any girl who hates feeling manipulated.

#8. Nice guys want miracles. 

Nice guys constantly look to the future for a better life – be it by earning more money or getting a great job, but they do nothing to change the present, even though they know they need to change their behaviour. They live in their own world of fantasy, and when that bubble bursts, they suffer.

#9. Nobody takes nice guys seriously. 

No one takes a nice guy seriously because he never wants to offend anyone. He’s too accommodating and everyone treats him like a pushover. All they want is to be accepted and they’ll do whatever it takes to get there.

#10. Nice guys get stressed by difficult situations. 

A girl would want to date a guy who’s her rock and her strength, not a scared little pussy cat who’ll run away at the first chance he gets. Nice guys aren’t protective or aggressive enough. He can’t fight for his girl, and that’s one of the basic ‘evolutionary needs’ of a girl – to feel protected and secure around her man.

Is being a ‘nice’ guy… nice? Does not look like it. But hey, let me tell you one thing though: you are good enough for her. Be confident! Be honest – with yourself, and with her, and she will be happy to be by your side, and your relationship will be based on mutual affection, as opposed to being a one-sided love affair.

What do you think?

– Written by a columnist for University Times


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